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 Sasha Halo

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PostSubject: Sasha Halo   Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:58 am

Gods Goddesses & Devils

~Who Are You~

Name: Sasha Halo
Nick Names: Bell
Age: 6510 years looks about 19-21
Blood Type: O
Likes: Heaven, The night, Peace
Dislikes: Hell, hatred, the cold
Fears: Thunder stormds
Personality: Calm and peaceful. She is very laid back and loving. She can be seen as lazy at times but then again she is very active. She is strict when it comes to punishments. She hates when somebodies life is taken by another person. Being the goddess of life she tries to give everyone life.
Hobbies: sleeping, singing, and enjoying nature
Habbits: talking to much and being blunt
Race: Goddess

Character Picture:
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Turquoise
Skin Color: Milk White
Height: 5'10"
Wight: 105 Lbs
Markings: None
Apparel/Style: When she is in heaven she useually wares what's in her picture. She will sometimes even ware that on earth. But some times her earth cloths is just a simple dressed with a nice pair of shoes.
Acessories: Her crown


Weapon: Staff
Element: all elements
Special Ability: Give life back to anyone or thing.

~Godly Questions~

What are you the Gods, Goddess, or Devil Of: Goddess of Life
What is your rank: 1st Rank
What is your sacred animal: Snake


Sashas ball attire



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Sasha Halo
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