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 Marik Swift

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Marik Swift

Marik Swift

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PostSubject: Marik Swift   Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:03 am

Gods Goddesses & Devils

~Who Are You~

Name: Marik Swift
Nick Names: Emperor Marik
Age: 9583 (appears 17-18)
Blood Type: O
  • Chess
  • The quiet: Marik most favorite thing among all else is quiet. He is most often secludes himself in quiet places. None the less he's easily bored by too much peace and quiet and would spend a lot of time with friends and around people(despite how annoying).

  • Scenic Views: Marik enjoys secluding himself in peace and quiet in such places as mountains and watching down into places with scenic views. He could look at such views for days as long as he has peace and quiet.

  • Music: It's safe to say that Marik enjoys all types of music. While he doesn't enjoy noise and prefers quiet, he likes the music more than quiet as it's very soothing to him. He usually plays his flute for his musical enjoyment, as well as to practice.

Dislikes: Heat, Being annoyed, being bored
  • Living Forever: Marik while he enjoys life being death and all, most of the times. He doesn't enjoy life very much as he believes it to be "too boring" and so he wishes to one day pass his power onto someone else.

Marik usually conducts himself a socialistic, likable, and often easy going person, with a cunning and sarcastic attitude. While Marik is righteous and noble by nature he is more than willing to do acts that go against his morality; this is due to his belief that he must commit evil to destroy the greater evil. Marik has a habit of accepting responsibility for actions which he has no fault in, which can be describe as one of his flaws. Marik seems to have an average amount of concern for innocent lives, he does not display a great amount of remorse for the collateral of his endeavors.

He some what has a sadistic side whenever he's angered or enters a battle in which he can be ruthless and often merciless in battle. He can be a rather compassionate person to his friends and loved ones though. While he does no sure that he cares for close friends often he cares about them very much and will go to great extents to protect from harm, seeing them as allies in both life and battle. He is rather cunning and usually weas a cunning smile on his face almost always, none the less he's very calm and not one to jump to conclusions, or poke trouble.

He has a strong disliking for large crowds and as of this is viewed somewhat of a loner. He prefers to be alone most of the time, but sometimes gets bored of it, in which he would enjoy the presence of one or two persons. He spends most of his time in the large mountains of Kumogakure because of his liking for the peace there, and it's not unlikely for you to find him in high mountainous areas. Marik is easily bored and so he seeks entertainment wherever he goes, none the less he prefers not to fight, but it becomes hard with his sadistic side.
Favorite Quote/Saying: Those who kill, must be prepared to be killed.


Character Picture:
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Skin Color: Light
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 128 ibs.
Markings: None
Apparel/Style: None
Acessories: None


Weapon: A buster blade like sword
Element: Wind and Lightning
Special Ability: Marik has the power to control anyone using his eyes as a medium when direct or even indirect eye contact is made between him and the desired person. For this to take effect eye contact must be maintained for at least 3 seconds. This ability comes with his knowledge of the mind and using said knowledge to control others minds.

~Godly Questions~

(All the Godly question answers are found in the Ranks and Statuses section)
What are you the Gods, Goddess, or Devil Of: Knowledge
What is your rank: 3rd
What is your sacred animal: Giant Dragon
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Sashas ball attire



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Marik Swift
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