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 Airis - Goddess of Nature

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PostSubject: Airis - Goddess of Nature   Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:04 am

~Who Are You~
Name: Airis
Nick Names: Gaia, Earth giver, Mother Nature, Huntress, Flower Child
Age: Unknown, looks around mid 20's
Blood Type: What looks like green sap. Aloe Vera really if you will.
Likes: Seasons, Iris and Orchids, clean water
Dislikes: Excessive Destruciton, sport killing, static(meaning no change)
Fears: That one day all of Nature will be destroyed

Personality: Much like what she is a Goddess off, she can be as calm as a soft warm spring breeze. A nurturer, a mother, someone who watches over and gives wealth and abundance. She does not play favorites, for the predators need prey to survive as to everything else in the chain of life. Everything that is born will one day die, she just wants to make it thrive while it lives. She prefers to stay in the neutral grey shade from day to day, enjoying life and living it to it's fullest really as she keeps a watchful eye over her protected domain.

However Airis can be as wild and severe as a typhoon when angered or to protect what she holds dear. This violent side of her is shown in how indeed survival of the fittest is dealt with in her domain. Those who break any unspoken and unwritten laws are swiftly taken to death's door. She does not deny this side of her, for that is a part of her just like it is a part of Nature, a chaotic almost type force if you will.

Hobbies: Taking care of plants and animals really, or just wandering to find something else to do.
Habits: She has this habit of changing the way she looks with the seasons, personifying herself as the seasons along with her personality almost as well... though not always as it is as random as where a bee might fly for its first flight.

Character Picture:

Hair color: Usually Forest Green, can change to suit the seasons... Orange brown for fall, silver white for winter, while a green with many flowers in it for spring.
Eye Color: An odd blueish golden swirl, though it too can change.
Skin Color: Usually a light tan in color
Height: Around five foot and four inches tall.
Weight: 125 pounds
Markings: None really except for a leaf marking on her rump though its usually not seen.
Apparel/Style: Wild girl, leaves, hides, vines, flowers... anything provided by nature she wears really depending on the seasons and what is plentiful
Accessories: Sometimes leaves, flowers, anything she finds pretty really. Sometimes even pearls or an animal claw necklace. She tends to trade them out though every now and then.

Weapon: Nature Shapeshift - She can shift her own body into any Flora(Plants) or Fauna(Animals) as her weapon. She of course cannot transform herself into anything from another Race or being of course because that is outside of her Domain.
Element: Nature
Special Ability: Manipulation of the Flora(Plants) and Fauna(Animals), Fauna does not include any of the races because they aren't considered animals in her domain for this ability. She can revert or speed up plants, move them around to where she wants them. While she can ask the animals for help or tell them to run away is the gist of her powers.

~Godly Questions~

(All the Godly question answers are found in the Ranks and Statuses section)
What are you the Gods, Goddess, or Devil Of: Goddess of Nature
What is your rank: 4th
What is your sacred animal: Snow Leopard

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PostSubject: Re: Airis - Goddess of Nature   Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:47 am

Approved. Vety nice


Sashas ball attire



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Airis - Goddess of Nature
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