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 RuGaard The God of War

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PostSubject: RuGaard The God of War   Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:27 am

Name: RuGaard
Nick Names: Ru; Defender of the Weak; Champion of Fallen; Avenger of the Children
Age: Ageless (Appears 20ish)
Blood Type: Ichor

1. Battle
2. Daylight
3. Heat
4. Bright colors (especially Crimson)
5. Light
6. Seriousness
7. People who are able to handle their own problems
8. Chess
9. Efficiency
10. Loyalty

1. Dull times
2. Rain
3. Arrogance
4. Flat color
5. Filth
6. Traitors
7. Drunkards
8. Disorganization
9. Games
10. Cowards
11. Blasphemers

1. Death
2. Spiders
3. Being caged

Personality: RuGaard is the god of war and as such he is a masterful tactician, due to the his immortality he has learn to have the patience benefitting of any general. When in battle he is ruthless becoming one with the flow of battle and seeming to dance across the field leaving only death in his wake; off the battlefield he is social with the other gods often seen debating over seemingly pointless topics with mother nature (god of nature). When betrayed RuGaard becomes obsessed with his vengeance often forgetting all else till either the traitor is dead or they atone for their actions. He is known for helping mortals who he sees fit (those who have a sound strategy, have an unwavering heart, and fight for the right reasons).

RuGaard while a god of war he is also a firm believer that children do not belong on the battlefield, having seen to many children die worthless deaths at the hands of tyrants and merciless sell swords. He once condemned a sadistic sell sword to live without his arms or tongue for attempting to take a little girl he had found in the opposing camp when they over took them.

Hobbies: RuGaard is often found reading books of all kinds when he isn't reading he is practicing swordsmanship focusing only on becoming better and better. He loves to have a debate with others when they are willing to go along.

Habits: Every week he has a debate with the Goddess of Nature, this is something he does simply to try and make her take a swing at him…after nearly an eon of trying he has yet to succeed. When he is not fighting he always takes the time to assess the area around him for possible advantages.


Character Picture:

Hair color: Crimson

Eye Color: Amber

Skin Color: White

Height: 6'8

Weight: 200 lbs

Markings: Tribal tattoo of a phoenix on the right side of his face.

Apparel/Style: RuGaard normally wears black clothes under a very dark crimson colored leather and scale armor over his chest. His arms are normally left bare save for a two bracers the same color and design as his armor. RuGaard wears leather boots that cover his shins of the same material.

Accessories: None yet might acquire some later through RP though


Weapon: Clarent- 4 foot bastard sword that he wears slung over his back

Element: Fire

Special Ability: Fire envelops his blade burning bright with the fire of passion that is kindled from war. When cutting through flesh it almost cauterizes the wound instantly so his opponent doesn’t die from loss of blood.

~Godly Questions~

(All the Godly question answers are found in the Ranks and Statuses section)
What are you the Gods, Goddess, or Devil Of: God of War
What is your rank: 5th
What is your sacred animal: Phoenix
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PostSubject: Re: RuGaard The God of War   Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:39 am

Nice Approved


Sashas ball attire



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RuGaard The God of War
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