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 Grave, Haji

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PostSubject: Grave, Haji    Grave, Haji  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 3:53 pm

Mages & Wizards

~Who are you~

Name: Haji Luminous Grave
Nicknames: 'Violet one', Kame, Kamelot, Shou, and Asa
Age: 24, 130 due to being a wizard
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Haji's personality is fixed in this order.

  1. Wise/ Smart, Haji is a smart man for that is cause of his experiences as a wizard. He knows when not to put himself in situations which are looked poorly upon.
  2. Distant/ Cold, Haji is a man rather seen alone only cause he is use to being alone. Only rarely will he be seen with other people. Being distant as well he never gets to close to people
  3. Gentle/ Kind, Haji can be kind and gentle with those he holds dear to his heart. Sometimes silent never would he miss a chance to give those he cares for his all time affection.
  4. Aggressive/ Annoyed, When angered does Haji turn into a cold sort of heartless person. When annoyed he doesn't stay long with you and thus leaves without much of a word.
  5. Sad/ Upset, When sad Haji will become depressed and show signs of weakness. When upset he will become a bit on the side of hogging the person he cares for. This goes for his jealousy for he won't stand around and watch as his beloved person is stolen from him.
  6. Stubborn, Never can you change his mind. Once he has his mind set on something he won't leave it be. Also, Haji is a man that rather does his own thing then having someone trying to make him do other things. Haji is stubborn which means you may come to fight with him alot without him really saying anything back.
  7. Closed off, Haji is a man that makes sure to keep his feelings and such hidden and it may take time to break him out of his shell of seclusion.
  8. Loyal, Haji is a man loyal to his friends and loved ones though he doesn't show much of his feelings you will see him as being loyal and staying by your side.
  9. Lazy, Haji is a man that would rather sit in a chair all day or lay in bed all day. Only often does he show his lazy side but once he shows it, it maybe hard to get him up afterward.
  10. Unpredictable. Haji is a man that can be unpredictable both with others as well as his feelings.

Other than all thise he is also mature and very mysterious. Never would he dream of being loose and carefree that doesn't mean he can't be. It will just take time to break him. Other of his personalities will be shown and or explained later on.

Likes: Haji likes a bit of everything but these are his all time favorite.
Lemonade, Sweets, and Star Gazing.
Dislikes: Bitter tasting things, lightning, and having his decision changed.
Fears: Lightning and Fire.
Habbits: Being Stubborn, Glaring at some, Ignoring people sometimes, Turning away from some. Smokes as well.
Hobbies: Likes making things with his hands, Cooking, and Drawing sometimes.

Grave, Haji  Soubi-86495

Hair: Long, straight hair which is the color of gray being almost gray. It does have unique color as well as feel being both smooth and almost as if like silk.
Eyes: Violet Purple with sharp interesting pupils that look slitted.
Skin Color: Fair, being that of perfectly smooth. Though has a scar around the front part of his neck. Scars also on his wrist, back, chest, and sides.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140 pounds.
Markings: None just being that of the scars being on the complete upper half of his body. The scars appear to be like whip lashings. (Back, sides, and chest.) On his wrists they look as if some slit them more than three times. Haji also has cuts on each bend of his fingers.
Apparal/Style: Haji likes to wear sleeveless stuff as well as being loose. Wearing cloaks as well being both in colors of white, gray, black, and navy. If anything his clothes make sure to sometimes hide his scars and often times do they show them. Purple is his favorite color as well as white pants. If the clothes have fur on them he will wear them as well as purchase them. More about his clothes will be described later on but at least you get the feel of what he wears and what are the colors. (Likes purple and white combination)
Accesories: Haji has his right ear peirced by that of a hot branding needle, meaning the hole is perfect in his ear as well as the needle still being in his ear. Never could one get it out. Wears bracelets, necklaces sometimes as well. Never does he wear chokers since his neck is always bandaged.


Weapons: Hands
Fighting style: Haji's hand to hand combat is never seen and even himself doesn't tell those where he learned it from. His combat is savage almost and if he gets you in a headlock never will he let go for not only does he place you in a headlock so does he place your hands in one too. Is combat is ragged much like a dagger and his hands can do pretty go damage.
Battle Strengths: Haji's strengths are his hands as well as speed. this includes his magic.
Battle Weaknesses: Haji's weakness's is fire as well landscapes being that of ice. Element weakness darkness.
Element/Magic: Light


Hometown: Nakashima Island
Parents & Siblings: Haji's parents were named by serial numbers of sorts. Mother: 345 and father: 567 (They are deceased.) Haji's siblings were the same way having one younger brother: 125. (He is deceased as well) Haji's serial number is: 671. These numbers are much like if you learn their real name then you control them. It is the opposite. If someone learns about your number then you die. Haji never speaks of this to anyone though.
Pets: Snake named Orochi.

Long time ago on Nakashima Island their lived a family of four, they were wizards of sorts and so they lived a bit longer than humans and also could use magic as if it came natural to them. One day when Haji turned 15 his parents died when the village folk found out about their numbers leaving Haji and his younger brother alone to fend for themselves. Silence followed them where ever they went and when that happened that got attention from other people of the higher classes. Haji's younger brother was taken from him and was killed before Haji's eyes. Being 15 he didn't know what he was suppose to do. Giving up, Haji let the people take him to where ever they wanted.

That was where Haji was made into a slave and was whipped constantly for his arrogance as well as stubborn behavior. Haji never would do anything he was told and made sure to give them a hard time. They punished him by not whipping him but by branding his ear with a hot iron needle. Since it was hot, his skin hardened around the needle causing great pain if pulled. Did this make Haji obey them, no. Haji still remained being the way he was not listening to those that caused pain to him. Every day it was the same. Whipping, slitting his wrists and still nothing worked and so they found out another way. Taking a dagger the abuser as well as his masters cut his neck making a design onto his neck and making sure the pain would stay with him forever they made the blade as hot as lava and cut his skin easily with this. This is where Haji got his fear of fire and his other fear of lightning came when he was only a kid. The tattoo looks like this.


Haji becoming annoyed with this and its treatment ran away from where he was hold vowing to make his life better and never would he come to be treated like this ever again.
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PostSubject: Re: Grave, Haji    Grave, Haji  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 4:08 pm



Sashas ball attire



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Grave, Haji
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