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 Ryuji Tamaki

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PostSubject: Ryuji Tamaki   Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:40 pm

Demons & Angels

~Who are you~

Name: Tamaki, Ryuji
Nicknames: The lovely Demon
Age: 200
Blood Type: AB
Likes: Love, Blood, Righteous Revolution, Freedom
Dislikes: Tyranny, Terrorism, Senseless Violence, Injustice, Blood
Fears: Snakes
Ryuji is a relativily calm man. He is often bored but does nothing about it. Despite being a Demon he has a rather good demeanor about him, he does not try to create harm or chaos in fact he is not a fan at all. He often finds himself amoung humans more often than not. Ryuji finds a certain love in watching the stars. He is a rather intellectual individual. Despite all this though he does have a dark side to him which he keeps locked away most of the time. This side of him is rather cold, calculating and not afraid to kill. The sight of blood begins to trigger this side of him.

He himself is a secret romantic he simply chooses not to express it himself. Ryuji tends to keep to himself as other Demons seem to have a distaste for him, humanity he trys not to involve himself with and the Angelic creatures, well he is a Demon. In his free time he either plays chess with random people or read a book. He is a Demon for a different reason than most, but he hides it as he is already been outcasted by most yet he is afraid the few who havnt forsaken him would.

Ryuji does however stand up for what he believes if its important enough. He does highly believe in personal freedom. Ryuji has a rather tactical and strategic mind. He often thinks in a cause and effect manner. He plans things out in advance and tends to advoid he finds it rather annoying and troublesome.

Habbits:Keeping hair over one eye
Hobbies: Star watching, Chess, Reading, magic


Character Picture: (Optional)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin Color: pasty white
Height: 6.2 ft
Weight: 165 ilbs
Apparal: Ryuji wears a black T-shirt with gray jeans and a belt. His shoes are black and white converse. He has a dark green jacket with fuzzy hooded part.
Accessories: His Katana.
Wing Type: Bat, pitch black


Main weapon:Katana
Element: Lightning
Special Ability: Ryuji has the ability to control lightning to a extent not directly like a lightning bolt but from his body. He can use it to do simple things such as create shorts or fires on combustible material with enough, to directly shocking someones nervous system or manipulating through a item. However the larger a charge is the longer it takes to charge up and use. It also has given Ryuji's body a good resistance to eletric, not perferct but a good resistance. The power may take awhile to use also it can tire him out with enough uses.
Rank: told to leave blank


What god, goddess, or devil do you serve under: Ookami
How did you get to heaven or Hell:

Ryuji was born into a banking family. He was a only child. As such his family trained him in banking. He however found interest in politics. At 15 he fell in love with a local girl. She was so beautiful. She was his life and he was foolish. They planned their future together as if nothing would happen. They were wrong.

The town was rather small. It had been raided by criminals. His love was soon killed. On her death he snapped completely. He drew a weapon and fought slaughtering eachone in a blinded frenzy. Once he calmed he was revered as a hero. On the inside though he failed.

He was town apart from the lose of her and his killings. He took his own life later that night. He awoke on a journey to hell. Since then he has become a Demon and gotten used to killing but not a fan. He has looked away his feelings of depression since a long time ago. Now he drifts around whenever.
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Sashas ball attire



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Ryuji Tamaki
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