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  Kotaro, Gintoki

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PostSubject: Kotaro, Gintoki   Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:01 am

Hybrids & Half Breeds

~Who are you~

Name: Gintoki Kotaro
Nicknames: Gin
Age: 21
Blood Type: A

Personality: Being considered to be the luckiest man on earth, Gin rarely shows any negative emotions and always keeps a smile on his face. The simple fact that nearly everything goes his way gives him nothing to worry about. He's a pretty jolly fellow if anything else. When he finds himself bored, he tends to interact a lot with people. Even if they happen to be bad guys. He just tends to play around his whole life and not really do anything. Living a life full of luck is enough for him.
-anything related to luck
- Being bored
- Being inside desperate situations
- Waiting
Fears: Meeting his father or mother. Gintoki never wants to meet his parents, even if it does mean better terms for them. There's always something in his heart that tells him to never see them ever again.
Habits: His habits are playing games that are based on luck. Cards,darts,monopoly or anything of the alike are all games he enjoys taking part in. It's sorta impossible for him to not play at least a few games per day. This actually results to him becoming a hardcore gambler literally winning every game he's played.
Hobbies: Every once in a while or nearly every day Gintoki would go to a gambling bar or a casino to play a few rounds. Since he knows he'd win any game he's actually gotten quite the amount of money from those gambling thugs and hence stays rich for as long as he wants.


Character Picture:
Breed Mixture: Half-breed, God/Human
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Skin Color: White
Height: 6ft / 1.9 meters
Weight: 163 Ibs / 74 Kg
Markings: None
Apparal/Style: Gin has the appearance and expression of someone who is extremely crafty and confident, an appearance which he surely lives up to. His regular clothing is similar to the one inside the first picture. His clothing is always light to make sure that he can move easily and freely.
Accesories: None


Weapons: Throwing Knives/darts
Fighting style: Though Gintoki isn't really the type to fight, he contains skills in Parkour. He tends to run away in fights rather than partake in them. Though if he does happen to see a fight between people, he usually stays on the sidelines and observe them just for the fun of it. He's also very skilled with knife throwing, even without luck on his side.
Battle Strengths: Far-ranged user.
Battle Weaknesses: Close-range fighting. He has not been trained to fight one-on-one or the like.
Element: Luck (If you can call that an element)
Special Ability: Being the descendant of lady luck, Gintoki has manipulation over luck itself. What this ability really allows Gintoki to do is to raise the percentage stat up to 100% or down to 0%. He can make the very unlikely turn to certain and the likely to impossible. But he CAN NOT turn certain into impossible nor vise versa. Like firing an arrow at him for example, if someone were to aim at him at a far distance and he was a sitting duck, then it's a 100% chance that the bullet will hit him, but if he were to move even the slightest making it a 99% chance that the arrow will hit him, then he'd be able to make the bullet miss him 100%. He is capable of turning that one left over percent into a hundred, but if there isn't even that one little percent there. Then his power is as good as useless.


Hometown: Miyazaki City
Parents & Siblings: Mother = Lady luck. Father = Unknown
Pets: None
History: Gintoki was born as the son of lady luck, though unlike his mother he was not lucky as a child at all. Lady luck was a goddess that gave luck to all the people around the world, Gintoki though. Was a little bit different. Rather than give out luck to people, he instead absorbed their luck. Anyone that had gotten near him as a child Gintoki would of automatically absorbed their luck and cause them to be inside a tragic accident that made them lost their lives or never able to live their life again. Just touching him would kill a person by making them caught in a fire or any other unfaithful incident that occurred.

Being a person that absorbed luck rather than give it out Lady luck herself had no choice but to abandon Gintoki or else all the luck she would of given to the world would be gone because of him. This was rather quite unfortunate for lady luck herself, the only reason why lady luck was unlucky was because of Gin stealing off all her luck. It was always a wonder why Gin stole luck instead of give it, though the most explainable reason was because his father was a human. Gin never really did meet his father, nor even know if he was alive. His father was the biggest mystery in Gins life.

Being raised on the streets Gintoki didn't really find it that hard to survive. He did use to steal off people and the like but he never used to get caught. He was always able to get rid of them by a lucky escape. This helped him increase his skills in parkour and soon after he was a little bit older he used to make a living by gambling daily. He became a pretty famous gambler that had never lost a single game. By this time he was able to control his own power and not cause anymore unfaithful deaths around him. This was the beggining of him being able to use his luck manipulation.
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Kotaro, Gintoki
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