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 Apollo Pyre

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PostSubject: Apollo Pyre   Apollo Pyre I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 2:40 am

Mages & Wizards

~Apollo Pyre~

Name: Apollo Pyre

Nicknames:“The Blind Hunter”

Age: 21

Blood Type: AB-


  • Cynical – Being without his sight has made Apollo very bitter in his lifetime; he sees the darker side of most situations. Often times he will spend days at a time brooding over a problem before he finally just puts it aside in his mind.
  • Determined – When he gets it in his mind to hunt a certain target there is very few things that can shatter his determination to kill the target. In a fight his sole purpose is to win no matter the cost to himself; having already lost his sight he feels he has nothing left to lose.
  • Loner – Apollo doesn’t really deal with people all that well, preferring to be on his own and depend only upon himself; even when his blindness is a disability he would rather face down an army than ask for help.
  • Loyal – Though his friends are few those who are his friends need not question his motives for being around them. Apollo is loyal almost to a fault even if his friends are in the wrong he will still help them even if it means he is working against his own morals.
  • Honorable – Though for the most part Apollo is a mercenary, he does have his own standards to which he lives his life.

    1. Does not kill for sport, only to survive or to complete a job.
    2. He refuses to steal no matter what the reason is.
    3. He is always polite when dealing with women.
    4. He refuses to lie to people even if it is just making them feel better, when dealing with Apollo people often think him rude simply because he is so blunt.

  • Drunkard – Apollo can often be found in the tavern trying to drink away his problems in life. More often than not after a job he can be found half out of it over a tankard.
  • Remarkable Memory – Through years of practice and necessity Apollo has developed an almost perfect memory for details. He is able to walk around a room feeling, listening and counting he never forgets the layout of a room though if something is moved while he is out of the room it won’t be known till Apollo returns to the room and most likely trips over it.

Likes: Music of any sort as long as it is calming. Walking alone in the forest where he can take in the sounds of nature. A strong tankard of whisky that he can drown any problem that comes to his mind in. Complete silence is the sweetest song to the blind, for Apollo it means that he can fully relax and let himself rest. Apollo is almost obsessively compulsive when it comes to organization and putting things in their place and keeping things clean and ready for use.

Dislikes:Loud meaningless noises annoy Apollo to no end. Cities being so loud and filthy are often avoided by Apollo, but due to the nature of his work he often has to come into civilization in order to find a target or work. When things are not placed in their proper spot because being blind this just makes him have to waste time trying to find it. Apollo also dislikes having to use his magic, but will not hesitate to use his gifts if there is no other way. He also hates the taste of wine for him wine is too dry for his taste; though in his experience it will get you just as drunk in a pinch.

Fears: Though Apollo doesn’t fear death itself he does fear what waits on the other side after death. He also fears that someone will one day force him to remove the blindfold that hides his eyes and unleash their terrible power.

Habits: When not hunting a target Apollo can be found either meditating somewhere in the forest or drinking and sharing tales in a tavern. When exploring somewhere new he will often drag his hand around the outer wall before he explores the rest of the room.

Hobbies: Is fairly good at darts but, prefers to play the flute. When neither of those options aren’t available to him Apollo is a decent sparring partner though often being alone he simply practices and perfects his form.


Character Picture: Apollo Pyre HotAnimeGuy8

Hair: Dark hair with red highlights. Apollo tries to keep his hair short because he doesn’t like getting it caught in things but, also likes to keep it long enough to hide the cloth around his eyes. At a formal event his hair will be brushed out of his face, but for Apollo these times are few and far between.

Eyes: When Apollo was younger they were blue, but after he was cursed they changed and it is unknown if the color has changed as he keeps them wrapped in blood red cloth. It is know that around his eyes has been tattooed to have an eight pointed seal over both; it is unknown if this has any significance.

Skin Color: Caucasian

Height: 6’4

Markings: His left arm consists of a black wolf with silver eyes; while his right arm has a tiger with bright nearly luminescent violet eyes. On his chest which is normally covered there is a mighty dragon with his wings spread in flight; around all the tattoos are strange markings that seem to be runes but they are so intricate and flawless that they look as if they are part of the art. When asleep the runes and animals all seem to move of their own free will always at constant war with each other.

Apparal/Style: Apollo wears a long black jacket that looks like it is made of raven feathers under the jacket he wears chain linked armor and leather. Silver bracers adorn his wrists the same runes that are tattooed all over his skin are gilded on them, a belt of leather and silver rings hangs taunt around his waist adorned with pouches filled with rare herbs and powders mostly used for healing his own wounds.

Accesories: Apollo only wears a single piece of jewelry a small golden trifecta (The pagan symbol for immortality) around his neck, it was the one thing he kept from his past before he gave everything up to become a hunter.



Apollo Pyre Staff_of_Parthalan_icon
This staff is Apollo’s weapon of choice as well as his walking stick. It has a foot long blade on one end and a 4 pound ball sculpted from a ruby on the other end. When in a fight he wields this staff with the graceful ease that only comes from years of practice. All along the shaft of this weapon is the same style of runes that are present on his body. It is unknown how the runes work but somehow they strengthen the weapon so it has never broken due to physical abuse.

Apollo Pyre 5457923mithrodin
This blade is the weapon that Apollo uses to finish a kill when he is hired to hunt down a target this blade, when someone else tries to lift it the blade tries to wield this blade it becomes as heavy as a mountain. The sword itself is about as long as Apollo’s arm and when not drawn this blade is sheathed behind his waste horizontally with the hilt pointing to the left.

Fighting style: Blind Hunter – Apollo is used to fighting without relying on his sense of sight. He is able to fight by sound and smell alone. When an opponent’s blade or arrow is coming towards him he is able to pick up on the whistling as it cuts through the air. Apollo is also able to detect people presence by the smell in the air.
  • Battle Strengths: Superior senses and reflexes, darkness and experience.
  • Battle Weaknesses: Loud noises, multiple long range opponents and constantly changing environments.

Element/Magic: Runes and Tattoos – Apollo’s tattoos are actually part of his curse the runes are really one word written over and over in an ancient language meaning “unbreakable.” These runes make his bones very hard and resistant to breaking. The Animals tattooed on his body are linked with his the reason he keeps his eyes closed and wrapped, if his eyes are opened the beasts sealed in his body will come forth with no restraint living only to kill and destroy. Through practice he has taught himself to summon one animal and slide his soul into it thus taking control of it while his body remains still. Apollo uses this technique of body swapping to scout out an area for a target or the field before a major fight. He tries to not use it in to do battle for if his physical body is killed he will die instantly.


Hometown: Will be revealed Later
Parents & Siblings: Parents dead any siblings are unknown
Pets: None
History: Will be revealed Later
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Apollo Pyre
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