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 The Hunter and the Rose (Scarlett)

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PostSubject: The Hunter and the Rose (Scarlett)   Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:21 am

Gravel crunched loudly beneath the feet of a man dressed in black as he stepped from the ramp of a boat onto the land. His long coat swayed lightly in the wind as he clutched his staff in his left hand; the blade, wrapped for both concealment and to protect it against the rocks, was pointed downward as he felt his way forward through the crowd. At first glance, most who looked upon this young man would think him nothing more than a soldier who had been blinded in the war. Most wouldn’t pay the young man a second thought after that only the knowledgeable or caring would bother to know him for who he was.

Apollo was “The Blind Hunter” where he walked destruction followed or so it was said. In truth, destruction stalked this man he who kept his eyes covered and closed at all times was famous for never failing to deliver a target. Five years had passed since the day that had doomed him to a world of eternal darkness yet for him it seemed like time stood still. Every night his dreams forced him to relive that horrible day in which he had angered a goddess by the order of another.

When the young man came to an area of loud noise and many different smells he knew he was in the patch worked markets of the port. Planting his staff in the gravel Apollo lowered his head and started to chant a mantra he had come to say when he was learning to focus his other senses when first blinded.

Though then it had been only to clear his mind now it was much more under the jacket and armor he wore one could just make out the yellowish eye of the dragon tattooed on his chest start to glow. When detailed images started to appear in his mind he stopped not wanting to fully summon the beast merely use it for surveillance. This was no vacation for the hunter he had been hired to find someone, now all he had to do was weight. No one entered or left this village except through the port and everyone had to pass through the market eventually so all he had to was wait, at least until night fall when he would summon forth the wolf and earn his name as hunter.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hunter and the Rose (Scarlett)   Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:18 am

Spoiler: TL'DR:
Few minutes later she found herself walking in the market near the port. Jumping out of the ship was probably the dumbest idea she had done so far this day. Her whole body felt like screaming in agony after that rather hard landing on the ground. Scarlett simply chuckled and was back to reading her map. She wore her normal attire: the pair of sleeveless black top and mini shorts which were lined with intricate white patches, matched with black boots and the eyepatch that concealed her red left eye.

After a few seconds of confusion, she scratched her head and simply decided to approach a random person to ask for directions. Her eyes were still fixated upon the paper she was holding as she stopped in her tracks.

"Excuse me. Would you happen to know where this is?" She asked and pointed at the piece of paper. She was looking for a famous apothecary which was said to be found in the nearest town from the port of Nakashima Island. She tilted her head up to look at the person she asked directions of, and almost choked when she saw him.

The person wore a long black coat and he had a staff with him. But his most noteworthy characteristic was the blindfold that concealed his eyes. Scarlett immediately concluded he was blind which added more to her guilt. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't notice you were, uhm, blind. Anyhow, would you happen to know where Calypso Apothecary is?" she asked hesitantly in her distinctive accent.


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The Hunter and the Rose (Scarlett)
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