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PostSubject: Mugen, Shoujou ,Haruna   Mugen, Shoujou ,Haruna I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 21, 2012 2:34 am

Humans & Mutants

~Who are you~

Name: Haruna Shoujou Mugen.
Nicknames: Dagger, Kitty, Black Bird, & Sensei
Age: 18
Blood Type: B+
Personality: Haruna is a woman that has to much interest in her skills as well as her flexibility and use. Skillfully able to out-run anyone as well as out-jump anyone of her normal level never do you want to challenge her cause she will surely give you a run for your money. Betting is her least favorite thing though sometimes she can see if someone is going to win or not. Intellect is the only thing that keeps her alive and well and never does she once question herself. Childish is a trait which she loves to hang onto for doing things this way will keep her healthy and live longer. Ninja like training and skill have made her almost heartless especially in a situation where she is cornered, she will fight back without really much anything to keep her back. Never is she scared of her own death.

Being a ninja has given her the nickname of 'Kitty' cause she sounds like a cat and oftenly does she wear cat ears and a tail to confuse some people. She loves to dress up herself to make her seem not at all human. Playful, Caring, Almost happy every point in time it is really hard to tell if she is just doing this to keep herself away from people or bring them closer to her. The reason is surely unknown which also makes her mysterious. Wanting to open up is something of her goal.

Being taught to never steal, to take revenge, or to confess about secrets to anyone pointing a sword at her she is really a brick wall to those that want to use her for their own gain unless they can pay and then she will do anything without really caring for her own safety. Much like a male she is stubborn, prideful, and arrogant but means well especially when she gives you harsh friendly treatement of training the mind and body. Positive and at most times flirty. She will surely drive anyone away from her unless they do not care for this stuff, in this case she is the perfect friend for you. Tomboy is a big thing for her and has been known to brag about it. Laid-back, reckless at times, careless at times, and being a bit of a woman who finds safety in the trees.

Above all else she is surely a trip and has been known to be energetic and a big eater putting a lot of people to shame at eating contests.

Haruna adores everything that catches her interests, though her all time likes are.
Likes: Cooking, Swimming/ bathing, and Being active. [Another way of saying she likes to do all kinds of hardcore training.]
Dislikes: Onions, Crybabies, and those who abuse power. [Another way of saying she hates people who are always into violence, fighting, etc.]
Fears: Haruna is deathly afraid of a normal thunderstorm.
Habbits: Haruna has been known to smack people hard without really meaning too. Showing off, Cutting herself while cooking and threatening the cooking wares. Picky.
Hobbies: Haruna loves to job, do all kinds of training lessons by herself, Making things with her hands, Swimming and everything else outdoor related. [Taking hikes, Mountain Climbing, etc.]
Race: Human


Character Picture:
Mugen, Shoujou ,Haruna Yoruichi

Hair: Lavender Brown-ish Black
Eyes: Amber
Skin Color: Deep Brown-ish Tan
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100 pounds
Markings: None
Apparal/Style: Haruna wears clothes which have hoods and such to keep her face sometimes hidden. Other times she wears ninja attire with ninja styled like shoes and or footware. Bandages are oftenly wrapped around her arms and wrists. Sometimes seen wearing a scarf. Haruna likes to also wear clothes that are loose and are rather revealing but not that much to where she wants every single person to look at her funny. Since she wears this kind of clothes it is hard to tell if she wears anything other than clothes fitted for a man though she always complains as she says. 'It is a free world and I will not be cut dead wearing clothes that are rather uncomfortable for me to wear! I am free and I have a right to wear what I want when I want!'
Accesories: Normal choker of black silk to that of a similar choker with a golden silver bell on it.


Weapons: Ninja related weapons. Kunai knives to Dagger's that go around her knuckles. [Mainly knives/ daggers]
Fighting style: Freedom Style. Haruna's style is not really one kind of style being made of everything so it really isn't a style though it has a name known as Freedom.
Battle Strengths: Trained Stamina Increase, Trained Senses Increase, Trained Balance, Trained Flexibitiy, Trained Camouflage, Trained Ninja Styled attacks as well as defenses. Self-defense Trained, and Athlete Trained.
Battle Weaknesses: Limited Balance [Haruna can only keep up her trained balance for only a short time especially on wires, branches, etc.], Thunderstorms, Heights beyond her sight [If she can't see the bottom then she will not cross], Distraction [Haruna can not keep up with her battle when someone close to her is being chased], Weak-point [Being her ankles, both broken and are slowly healing], Someone being a coward [Someone using a hostage], Slippery Areas [Ground, wires, tree branches, etc].
Element: None
Special Ability: None


Hometown: Unknown, doesn't remember
Parents & Siblings: Rouka Mugen. [Father, still alive.] /None [Only child.]
Pets: Male, Alaskan Black Husky with one eye gold and the other blue named 'Haku' This dog is fully trained and knows his master's commands by heart. Haku is also part wolf and has the features of one slightly visable in the face and body mass and weight. He is purely black with a white patch on his chest and white four paws at the tips.
History: Not much is known from where Haruna came from. All that she remembers is living with her father who was a retired ninja, her mother had left when she was really young so she really has no love or anything for her own mother at all. When Haruna turned 9 she enrolled in a dangerous training course to become a ninja just like her father and that was when she went to her first actual battle and being 9 she really passed over everyone in the skill level for she memorized everything in the training lessons. Turning 14 she was a really hardcore ninja which many people fought over her to do missions and so she decided that she would do every mission mentioned and though she sucks at multi-tasking she was still able to get everyones missions done. Durning a dangerous mission which was the last one she did she broke her ankles beyond repair and her father told her to retire which she clear out refused wanting to make him proud. Everyday was hard for her to move at all when she went on missions and though her ankles hurt far worse than anything she still did missions without really much care in the world. After she turned 16 did she get Haku, and though it was two years after her ankles broke she still finds ways to go about her day. Bandaging her ankles were the only way that she was able to move without much pain and it is clearly obvious that her ankles may never heal at this rate. She doesn't care though and that brings a lot of worry to her father and so he requested that she find a nice quiet place to relax and let her healing take over. Haruna sighed in a childish pout of course but followed his wishes and now she is here looking for some peace and quiet though she may never get it. Now 18 with her pet Haku she is ready to take a bit of a load off and probably find some friends to hang out with either that or to sleep the days away.
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PostSubject: Re: Mugen, Shoujou ,Haruna   Mugen, Shoujou ,Haruna I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 22, 2012 12:32 pm



Sashas ball attire



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