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 Inari Ko, Fox Half Breed

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PostSubject: Inari Ko, Fox Half Breed   Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:42 am

Hybrids & Half Breeds

~Who are you~

Name: Inari Ko
Nicknames: Fox
Age: appears 20's, is 132
Blood Type: Fox Fire, no AB

Personality: Inari is of a somewhat silent and calm type, gentle as well something like a soft spring breeze that blows through your hair. She has a tendency to make those around her feel relaxed, well at least of the animal variety, so much so that they have been known just to fall asleep in her lap. Sweet and kind, she tends to try to take care of those around her while being somewhat in the background, not one for much conflict unless it is to protect someone. She does have a temper for that sort of thing that is quick to anger... but with a somewhat simple mind she is either quick to be calmed down or might stay angry for a good long time.

Likes: Peaches, clouds, flowers, pillows
Dislikes: Violence, poachers, fox hunters, weapons, pollution.
Fears: That someone might hunt her down for her fox pelt.... or can't protect those around her.
Habits: She has the habit of actually looking down at the ground and speaking softly, especially when she is shy or nervous.
Hobbies: Flower arrangement, tending gardens, sewing, cooking, first aid, pretty much she tries as hard as she can to be the perfect lady... even if she fails.


Character Picture:
Breed Mixture: Half Fox Spirit/ Half Human
Hair: Platinum blonde, almost white, with darkened greyed ends and a bit on the short wild side.
Eyes: Emerald green, almond cat like shape with slits for pupils.
Skin Color: A very light sun kissed tan.
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 105 pounds
Markings: She actually has some simple light violet that almost look pink claw marks on her cheeks under her eyes.
Apparel/Style: She prefers kimono's, which are easy to make for her compared to the overall complicated and form fitting clothing of other styles.
Accessories: She loves ribbons, and simple little silver earrings with semi precious gems that she can hook onto her fox ears that adorn her head.


Weapons: Battle fans, fans that have blade tips.
Fighting style: It is as wild and ferocious as a wild animal, a fox really... but oddly enough it has some sort of feral fluid grace movements because she does indeed have a battle fans.
Battle Strengths: Speed and Agility
Battle Weaknesses: Strength and fatality, the blades aren't that long on her fan so it is hard to get too deep.
Element: Wind
Special Ability: She can use the wind about her to help kick up small things like leaves or dirt or sand... Or just make it slightly uncomfortable to battle in along with making long range attacks difficult. Mostly though it is for illusions not in combat situation, for the unaware mind who isn't in battle with her she can try to make the area seem like she is not there... however they can still bump into her if she is not careful and that will cause her to lose her concentration to lose the illusion.


Hometown: Yamasaki Mountain
Parents & Siblings: Father Yoshi (a Fox Spirit), Mother Reina (Human)
Pets: None
History: Her father met her mother under a blossoming cherry tree, and in the most corny and non unique romance type stories they got together. Life after that however wasn't as sweet, Her mother didn't survive very long outside amongst the suspicious folk. After she was born, Inari was handed to her father before her mother ran off. However her father didn't say that, only told her that her mother loved her very much and gave her to him to save her from the bad men. But her mother couldn't come with because that would make the bad men come to take her away and didn't want to cause them harm.

Sheltered from most of the outside, and being daddy's little girl, she made friends with the wildlife and those few humans who only appeared once in awhile. She didn't mind and grew up under her father's watchful eye. However she was soon grown into an adult, and seemed to have a good head upon her shoulders. So her father lets her do as she wishes, while only checking up on her and being her companion sometimes. She thinks about her mother too, wondering if she will ever meet her or not but then realizes it was okay. As long as she tries her best to be the best she can be, both her father and mother would be happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Inari Ko, Fox Half Breed   Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:51 pm



Sashas ball attire



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Inari Ko, Fox Half Breed
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