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PostSubject: Takano, Sama (Done)   Takano, Sama (Done) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 5:28 pm

Vampires & Lycans

~Who are you~
Name: Sama Takano.
Nick Names: Youkai & Yokai. They are something like a nickname for many people call him this.
Age: 123 years old though lost track of it. After studies show that he is at least over 100 years old and so 223 years old in human years. Since he is 223 years old he makes a lot of people wonder about his appearance age for he looks at least in his mid-twenties.
Blood Type: Doesn't want to talk about his blood type. Has been spoken once and that it is AB. If brought up he will say positive.
Likes: Writing, Reading, Anything with meat in it, and resting under the cool shade.
Dislikes: Hunters who hunt his kind, Onions, and those who bother him or threaten him without reason. His own kind.
Fears: Being hunted without being able to protect himself, Guns, Being used for ones entertainment, having him tied to something and then being slowly tortured. Drowning, can not swim. His own kind.
Personality: Laid back, Calm, Polite, Gentle-manly, and good at giving advice. This side of him is seen when he is tired and or not feeling well. Sadly, never does he feel well anymore for he has once been poisoned both from the heart and mind. Thanks to others that abuse him. Sama is a hard character to relate to since he is always seen as a person that doesn't care about anything but himself but that is all that he could live for to protect himself. It is sad really that he is sick and will always remain sick due to his immune system being weakened from the all out abuse. Not physical abuse but the mental abuse that his family did to him long ago. Sama is a loving man that adores kids and once he adopted two kids who were orphaned. This abuse started when he adopted them for his family killed the kids that he once adopted which broke his heart.

Days went by and he stayed in his room away from everyone which made him distant to those, mainly his own kind. This abuse was mental due to his family letting him know it by using harsh words and thus he began feeling mean. He wanted nothing to do with people who hate him for what he likes. When it became physical abuse did his family poison him just for the fun of it. This was the start of his personality shifting to being kind to those who show kindness back and if someone speaks to him rather meanly then he will be mean back. It is a adaptation thing which he had come to use for his own defense. Sama is sick with a illness which doesn't kill the paitent faster but slowly though he won't die but will be seen coughing hard and long without really anything coming out. Asthma is what he has and had gotten it from the poison that his family used on him. If not careful it may claim his life but he has been doing better with it by actually trying to be positive and kind. Though he has a temper he doesn't let it flare up as much as he use to. Intelligent, he knows how to get out of a trap. Leader, he knows what to say in a situation where many others are panicking. Everything about Sama was given to him by his experiences, he use to be married but of course his family killed his wife and daughter due to them not liking who he was and or made himself out to be. Sama can be cruel and harsh but he means well for this anger dies down very quickly. Sama is cautious in what he eats from other people and may not even eat until he can get some sense of safety by watching others eat around him from the same place he had got his food from.

Sama Takano has a low deep voice which is rather common for a man his age especially in a high class Lycan family to have. Oftenly you will see Sama resting under a tree in the shade or reading in the shade and sometimes he may even be seen writing in a small notebook just for the fun of things.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, and hunting small animals.
Habbits: When trying to converse with someone he may cough and it may come to last for a while. Scratching the back of his hand until it becomes red.
Race: Lycan


Character Picture:
Drawn Picture: Takano, Sama (Done) Sesshyrin115-1

Sama's wolf form is purely white with amber eyes. Standing a height between 10 to 12 feet and weighing over 500 pounds he can surely cause some damage. Sama's werewolf form can stand on its back legs or just continue walking on all fours. Like a lion he has a white mane around his neck that go down and past his shoulder blades.

Hair color: Silver
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Color: Tan
Height: 6'7
Wight: 200 pounds
Markings: None
Apparel/Style: Usually will be seen in long sleeve shirts with his shoulders seen. Long jeans/ pants and expensive shoes. Usually the color of his clothes will be between dark colors as well as light ones. Sometimes he will wear other clothes but never will he wear clothes that are tight though it depends on the weather. Sama will wear pretty much another loose and if it shows his shoulders then he will not mind it.
Acessories: Chokers, necklaces, bracelets, rings, as well as a navel ring. Sama likes jewelry and he has quite a lot of it being complete silver.


Weapon: Normal lengthed Katana with a handle made out of pure leather being between a black and red color. A charm hangs off of it being a bear fang.
Element: Ice
Special Ability: Sama Takano can make things freeze by using both his hands or feet. Known to be called a snow man of some kind does he use his power for defense as well as offense. Sama likes being in the cold for it helps him feel better and in all honesty he may use his ice powers to make him feel better and never would he think of using it on someone without reason.


Hometown: Kimura Forest
Siblings: Over 10 or so. The names will not be explained for their are to many.
Pet: None
History: Sama Takano's past was a hard and horrible one, since he lived in a high classed lycan family did they want him to be just like them and be prideful and full of rage and only want to serve his purpose of being a hunter in the night. During his childhood he stayed alone most of his life and when he was with his family did he never say anything to them. Loving kids that were orphaned soon after made Sama soft and very much crave for being a father for he wanted to start his own family line without restrictions. As already mentioned the family didn't like it all that well and killed his kids without really taking his feelings in consideration. When Sama became a full grown lycan did he come to hate his family and actually show it in his tone of voice and his features. Since his family was large they were not blind to his feelings and what he felt toward his family which was hate. Staying completely alone for the time being did his family do a cruel yet harsh prank and poisoned him when they were at his family dinner and that drawed the line and so he left his family in a horrible state of health.

Upon coming here did Sama actually feel at ease and all he wants to do is actually be able to be a father one day and continue what he loves doing which is reading and writing. His love for writing has inspired him to be a writer of his own book and he has been known to sell 3 of his books already and has come to be a beloved novelist by kids and teenagers everywhere. In his books does he explain mystery and action with adventure as well and kids love it. Also known to have a lot of money as well from his hard work is Sama almost set for life though he still wishes for his own family and to actually settle down with someone.

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PostSubject: Re: Takano, Sama (Done)   Takano, Sama (Done) I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 6:48 pm

Approved Very Happy


Sashas ball attire



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