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 Kearin Black

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PostSubject: Kearin Black   Kearin Black I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 3:56 pm

.:Who Are You:.
Name: Kearin Black
Nicknames: None, he prefers to be called Kearin and nothing less than that.
Age: 21
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Kearin is a very outgoing person who is far from afraid of saying what he thinks of something. Truly a natural born critique. He can be quite difficult to get along with at first because he’s so incredibly picky, even more so when it comes to people than anything else. This man is incredibly narcissistic, completely obsessed with himself, so automatically thinks himself better than other people. An incredibly haughty, a very cocky attitude around people he doesn’t know very well.

After getting to know him he really can start to grow on a person, his annoying little quirks just becoming very normal. This is only if the people he talks to can get on his good side. Though it is rare, he will become friends with people he doesn’t think meet his standards, though it isn’t strange for him to hold himself much higher than he does them. Altogether he isn’t really a horrible person he’s just… difficult.

Despite his need for perfection in everyone else, he himself can be quite lazy, he does not like working and will often times goof off and do nothing in particular, lazing about in the shade, staying away from the hard work that will make him all dirty and sweaty, because, God knows, his perfect body shouldn’t have to get all gross if there’s nothing in it for him.
<IQ> He has an IQ of 118, just above the average, but really nothing special.
<Sexual Orientation> He always has and always will be homosexual. And he really isn’t ashamed of that fact, he will be quick to flirt with any man he finds attractive. He has a preference for men bigger than he is, with a rather cold or stoic demeanour; someone who will treat him like he’s worthless and that he has no importance to anything. That being said he is incredibly picky with men, just like he is with everything else, searching for perfection in everything.

  • <Free Time> Also stated above, when it comes to work his is a procrastinator, so he loves having free time when he has nothing to do… or he likes making his own free time.
  • <His Own Appearance> As stated above he is incredibly narcissistic and is quite obsessed with himself. This obsession with himself encompasses his body shape, eyes, etc. But mostly his hair, which he prides himself on.
  • <Arguments> Including himself or not, he really does enjoy them. Though he will always be fond of participating himself (though he won’t go out of his way to start one) he also enjoys watching other people argue.
  • <Perfection> Despite how rarely it comes along he is obsessed with it, there is nothing in the world he loves more to see than perfection. From art to landscapes to humans.
  • <Flowers> The beauty of flowers drew him and but as he learned more and more about them he began to find them more and more interesting. He especially became fond of the deadly yet beautiful sorts; he found that these ones reminded him of himself. His favourite flower is Wolfsbane, especially when he can find the purple ones not the yellow ones. ((Fun Fact: He was actually based off of the flowers Monkshood and Wolfsbane))

  • <Girls> There’s nothing really to say about this one. It is just… very rare for him to find a girl that won’t piss him off just be existing.
  • <Getting Dirty> One of his biggest peeves, if he has to get dirty for not good reason he would admit to rather getting a limb cut off. Dirtiness almost always leads to imperfection, and if his body is not perfect he wouldn’t know what he would do.
  • <Imperfection> This should go without saying since he is so obsessed with the perfection, it would be easy to assume he hates the opposite.

  • <Large Bodies of Water> It is his biggest fear. He has a fear of the water itself but also a fear of the creatures that live in it. He doesn’t like the fact that is not his element and he is almost completely powerless in the water. He loves looking at them but will never set foot in one.
  • <Loneliness>Despite how often he is indeed alone the thought of being utterly alone with absolutely no one to turn to scares him more than most things. It’s the reason why he will be friendly to people when it’s called for, because the last thing he wants is to be alone.

  • <Humiliating/Critiquing Others> At any opportunity he can find he will talk down about something, and with this he is incredibly blunt and often times incredibly rude.
  • <Checking Himself Out> By this I of course mean in every single reflective surface he passes, even in his own blade or the opponent’s blade while fighting.

  • <Sight Seeing> Most of the time during his frequent days off he will wander just looking for the most beautiful, most picturesque, most perfect scenery he can find out in the world. There are a few places he will go again and again just because of the sheer beauty of the landscape.

Race: Human::Caucasian

Character Picture:
Hair: Incredibly long and quite layered, his hair is a very deep purple colour. He keeps it tied up just because that keeps it from getting incredibly messy, he would keep it down if he was certain he could keep it from getting completely messed up. The purple is its natural colour and all of the hair on his body, except for his eyelashes have at least a purple tint to it, though the hair on his stomach, chest, arms and legs are almost blond in colour.
Eyes: An almost blue shade of purple with almost distinct highlights of white/yellow. His eyes are rimmed with very long black eyelashes.
Skin Color: A very lightly tanned white skin tone, this skin tone is even over his entire body.
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145lbs
Markings: None of any significant importance.
Apparel/Style: Anything that shoes off a good amount of his flawless skin. To put it really simply he dresses like he knows that he’s hot. He isn’t a stranger to wearing female clothes; he finds that they show off the curves of his body much nicer than male clothes. The picture provided is a great example of the amount of skin he will often show.
Accessories: None in particular, though, if they count as accessories, he is definitely a fan of belts and straps.

  • <Scythe> His weapon of choice, and the only one he carries around on his person. He has trained with it ever since he was very young and he is far from perfect with it. The blade itself is about 3&½ feet from tip to shaft with a very wide curve. The blade is a very darkened colour, looking almost black. The shaft is an equal 3&½ feet and is rather ornately designed near the beginning of the blade.

Fighting style: On a regular basis he will avoid fighting but when it is called for he likes to finish things quick with as few hits as possible since he knows that if he fights for too long he will get fatigued and that in turn will lead to slower attacks on his part which would definitely be the death of him.
Battle Strengths: With the length of the shaft of his weapon he can get serious power behind his attacks. That plus the fact with the design he can hit a large amount of space in a nearly 270° arc around his person.
Battle Weaknesses: The long windup that it takes to get a large hit in opens up his left side to attacks, as he fights for a longer period of time this window of opportunity gets larger and larger. When attacking, from the back his right arm and shoulder, as well as the right side of his back is very open to attacks, and the blade cannot reach that area.
Special Ability: He has no abilities that can be deemed ‘special’ he is, in hindsight, quite ordinary.

Hometown: Miyazaki City
Parents & Siblings: He is an only child and his parents, though both are still alive, hold no importance since he hasn’t lived with them for 3 years.
Pets: None, he’s not fond of animal.
History: Kearin was born to two loving parents and he had a very pampered childhood. He had always thought he was better than everyone, this probably stemmed from the fact that his parents doted over him like he was amazing thing in the entire world. And to them he was, he was their little miracle because his mother had been told that she would never be able to have kids. His parents ran a small bakery, his father helping his mother with it after he was injured in his previous job and lost the use of his right leg.

His mother was also the reason he became so obsessed with his hair, she would dote over it, telling him how beautiful it was and how he looked so beautiful with it. She let him grow it out long and helped it with him every morning until he could do it himself.

His father was the reason he got into fighting. When his father had been younger he had been a skilled fighter and he trained his only son to fight with the weapon he loved, a scythe. His training method were not great because of the fact that he could not use his leg but he taught Kearin everything he could about the weapon and the young boy did eventually get the hang of using the blade. When he turned 15 his father gave him the blade that his father, Kearin’s grandfather, had made for him. This is the blade that Kearin still uses.

In his mid-late teens he developed his need of perfection. He travelled out of the city for the first time and had a glimpse of the perfection of the places that surrounded it. Every day after that he would head out in search of this perfect scenery, something his parents didn’t mind, but encouraged from the young man. He quickly grew farther from his parents as he noticed all of their flaws and would eventually stop acknowledging them as his parents around other people. This quest for perfection began to take over his life and he quickly began to observe everything with a very critical eye.

He left his parents when he was eighteen years old moving himself to a small place on the other side of the city, closer to the exit of city. He began working for a woman who had him do odd jobs or every once and a while a hit, killing a person who was causing her or her company any problems. This woman was a botanist who reminded Kearin heavily of the flower Deadly Nightshade, from the way she held herself to the way she looked, he had never seen a person so near perfection in every single way. She was by far one of the only woman he had met that he liked, though she’s some fifteen years older than he is.

This is where his story ends. Or, depending on how you look at it, where it begins. Kearin works for a woman whom he actually likes and searches for the people, for the places that suit his ideals of perfection. A life he loves a life that he is sure will continue for many, many years to come. There is no way a person like him could die.
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Sashas ball attire



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