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PostSubject: Armada Kane   Armada Kane I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 2:51 pm

Mages & Wizards

~Who are you~

Name:Armada Kane
Blood Type: O Negative
Personality:Armada is a outgoing person who loves to explore and see the world, When he fids something he enjoys he can get insanely obsessed with it and strives to be the best no matter what it comes to. A quick thinker and a ponderer he looks at things differently then others and sees the world in a different way. Some would see a giant dragon and think a enemy while Armada would see a giant dragon and wonder where it came from and why it was red and not green.

Though nice and kind he has a hot temper especially on sore subjects such as his parents or siblings but a simple apology and it's out the window. Armada is very friendly and would rather make friends then enemies. He enjoys magic above all else and has a unhealthy fascination with it. Though he just started Armada has taken to it like a fish with water. He constantly looks for reasons to travel the world wanting to see more and more but can easily get lost in a book and not move for weeks at a time. Some find his upbeat personality to be annoying since even in the face of danger he cares more for knowledge and knowing then battle.

Armada however is very loyal to those he trusts which isn't hard to gain unless you do something very bad to him. He is quick to forgive something small but things as betrayel or greed take a long time and sometimes never. Armada is not a greedy person though he takes his share he is generous to others and even helps those just starting out. A lover of nature and other races he isn't prejudice in the least and sees all races as equals just different. Even goblins and trolls he sees as equals and hopes to convince some of peaceful ways.

Armada acts like a mediator to groups though young he has studied a long time on laws and race nature. He likes peaceful journeys with some adventure thrown in but would rather have the journey then a dragons horde. he is always eager to help a person in need as long as there hard workers and not lazy. However under all of that he is a deep deep thinker with a burning thirst for magic and a driving force to learn all he can with a simple goal. To be the most powerful wizard in the world.
Likes: Magic, Learning Magic, Mastering Magic, Adventures, close friends, making friends, learning new things.
Dislikes: Greed, liars, betrayers, murders, fighting without a cause, killing just for killing, those who interupt his thoughts, People who abuse power.
Fears: Armada has only one fear and it is failing to be a wizard.
Habbits: None.
Hobbies: Studying magic is Armada's biggest hobby. He works at it all the time and has even learned a spell that rids himself of the need to sleep for several days. Constantly in his spell books which he keeps closely guarded.

Character Picture:
Eyes: Green
Skin Color: White
Markings:Has a symbol burned into his right wrist.
Apparal/Style: Armada wears a mask on the left side of his face from a spell having gone wrong and backfired taking his left eye. he wears a simple loose black silk shirt and cloth pants that are a little fluffed out for extra movement. His shoes are simple leather boots and wears a black leather belt with a silver buckle. He has yet to earns his cloak though.
Accesories: A magic bag the size of a carriers bag. The bag is enchanted to actually hold rooms and store limitless supplies and items. A cold room keeps drinks cold and food fresh, he also has a bedroom, a bath, and a treasure rom that expands when beginning to fill. The bag can not be stolen and it is impossible to enter unless you know the password. Items can simply be asked for or stored just by saying the name of it.


Weapons: Staff: the weapon is a six foot tall staff of simple black wood but hardened by fire making it as strong as steel. It has a silver trimming at the top and bottom with silver lines going down the staff. The staff represents the master. Simple but strong.

Sword: A simple metal blade hangs at his left hip. A foot and a half long blade with a crossguard and a handle wrapped in simple leather. The sheath is black leather and fits the straight thin blade perfectly.
Fighting style:Being a Wizard, Armada tends to fight with distance but he has also tained with a sword since magic won't always work. When using magic he stands at the back of groups are surronds himself in a shield spell and uses magic from within. When using the blade he is up close and personal.
Battle Strengths: Magic is his key strength unleashing devastating spells onto several enemies at once. His sword skills are put at just above novice meaning he knows how to use it but would never be a blade master.
Battle Weaknesses: Magic like everything else takes energy and using too much drains him quickly, constant throwing of spells will tire him down faster then a well formed spell that does more but takes less. When tired from magic his body is weaker and his energy is spent.
Element/Magic: As a wizard Armada doesn't specilize in one type of magic. A wizard studies several fields if not all of magic even if he doesn't use them. As a novice though he is learning elemental magic at the time.


Hometown:Nakashima Island.
Parents & Siblings:Mother: Savanna. (Traveller) Father: Mick (Wizard) Brother: Todd(Adventurer) Brother: Jake (Ranger) (Twins)
Pets: A black hawk named Ruse.
History: Armada grew up on the Island of Nakashima with his father and two brothers. The island life was fun but difficult especially the jungle where it was dangerous. His brother Jake often went into the wild jungles and came back with hides and stories a natural ranger he left home at seventeen with a master ranger. Armada's mother was a traveller of the lands coming home every other year with stories of lands far away and different races. His Brother Todd was captivated above all else and at seventeen him and there mother set off on another adventure.

This was the lives of Armada's families and what he grew up with but though the stories of far lands and deep jungles was fun and interesting only one thing in the world held the young childs attention for very long. His fathers magic. Armada would stay up hours and hours beyond bed time watching his father work great spells for the island people. Some spells of rain and clear waters others as simple as mending a net for a old man or bringing prey to traps of hungry people. Crops grew all year round thanks to the wizard of Nakashima island.

Mick never missed that his son was facinated with the art but was concerned if he could handle the spells since not everyone was born to be a wizard and they were indeed rare. However at seven years old Armadas overheard a herder asking his father for help with a wild pack of wolves that were killing and eating his sheep. Armada saw this as a oppurtunity and rushed to his fathers forbidden room and grabbing a spell book he left the house and ran to old juko's land. There he followed the book's instructions not knowing that it wasn't the spell that did the work but the energy of the user. Mick was shocked when he noticed his spell book gone and using his mirror he saw his son. Afraid for his well being he ran from the house hoping to get there before his son used a spell.

Armada however was lost in the spell as he worked the ingrediants for not all spells was a simple word and boom it happened. real magic, magic that helped and hindered people took preperation. Finally he finished just as his father came out of the small village and saw his son. Armada laughed as he felt the magic around him before it turned to a cry of fear when the spell drained of him of energy and unable to sustain the spell it backlashed onto him. The cost of the spell was his left eye that was incinerated and half his face burned black.

Mick took his son home but no spell he conjured could heal his youngest sons face. Two weeks it took for Armada to awaken and was shocked to find he could no longer use his left eye. His entire left side was bandaged and removing the bandage he saw a hole where his eye should be and the left side of his face charred black. His father managed to harden the muscles underneath but the skin would always remain as it was. Armada walked out of the room to his father who hugged him crying. His entire family was there having been sent a message by his father and though they pitied what happen to him they were more relieved he was alive.

Armada however shocked the family when he told his father he wasn't done with magic, he wanted to learn more. Mick was amazed at his sons resolve but more proud at his determination and the fire that glowed in his one right eye. His father agreed and said they would start small. However Armada wasn't old enough to start training and would have to wait. He agreed and asked his father about what happened. Mick explained that magic was more energy from the wielder but expressed his pride that his son could actually use magic since it was rare to appear in people. Jake and Todd couldn't even light a fire.

Weeks turned into months and months into years. Finally Armada was twelve and could begin his training. Mick surprised his son by simply handing him a small spell book the size of a diary and a staff. He told Armada that the path to knowledge was not others but yourself and no two wizards used magic the same way. The key to magic was learning it yourself. the spell book he was given was blessed to never be lost, never to be destroyed, and would change the further Armada got in magic. The beginning spells were elemental and when Armada asked why his father told him the elements were the bases of every spell no matter how advanced. Armada nodded and left to study.

Armada showed a undying thirst for magic and a rare ability to not only learn quickly but to enhance and build on the spell. After three years Armada could call up full storms, light fires with a wave of his hand, and once even summoned a elemental binding it before apologizing profusley when learning it was sentinent and immediatly let it go. Armada had turned sixteen at last and was of age to travel. His father gave him a gift of a sword that had been his when he traveled and sheepishly a metal mask. Armada took both with thanks and when the mask was placed on his face it sealed with powerful magic his father had cast. the spell would allow him to see magic in work. Armada was amazed at the currents of mana that flowed through the world but he was a long way from even touching the power. Armada took his staff and some rations before his father delivered one more present. A simple bag the size of a carriers bag but after whispiring something he vanished inside. Armada was shocked when his father returned and told him it was a magic bag. Armada learned the bag could never be lost or stolen and when he went inside magic hid the bag with powerful enchantments. Inside were several rooms, a bath, and even a treasure room with enough to pay for his trip. Mick showed his son how to call something from the bag and how to store things quickly.

Armada set off on his adventure with the gifts fom his father and a simple goal. to be the greatest wizard in the world.
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Sashas ball attire



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