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PostSubject: Atsuki~(Hybrid)   Atsuki~(Hybrid) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 8:40 pm

~.Hybrids & Half Breeds.~

~Who are you~

Name:Atsuki, (last name not told here.)

Nicknames: Might have some.

Age: Looks around 17, as for real age, not for anyone to know~.(unknown.)

Blood Type: Not too sure, might be O.

Personality: Atsuki is usually seen as a quiet to himself sort of guy, but that’s only how others put it and well, not that he would be one to talk a whole lot, he does tend to be quiet at times. He does have a sarcasm side, as to liking to mess with others at times with that for a way of some fun, he does tease others regardless of what gender. Though he may just act this way if he feels like it, or choose to be quiet, not that it matters much to him.

As for certain things, as his past or something, he would tend to just hide his feelings along with either a fake smile or something. His other side to him is another story, quieter, distant, and somewhat colder as well, chances that he’s likely to act this way with humans. These at times might appear in him, acting this way for certain reasons, but besides this, he’s as told above here.

Sweets; Does have a sweet tooth.

Hard to mess with peoples; A more simply term for this, anyone he finds of interesting and those who are hard to figure out.

Seeing people’s reaction, regardless of their gender, by his teasing.

Rare sights; Places that are rare to anyone, like some unknown cave, old town, others and as well as things.

-Know- it all peoples, yes those who think they know everything.

Pretty much annoying peoples, as well as crowded areas.

Not being able to rest, meaning being bothered sometimes.

Humans, to put it simply, he dislike most due to certain reasons.

Fears: Getting to close to anyone for something like losing them again, that's all that's known for now.

Habits: Having his head in the clouds at times, distracted, from thoughts or something else. Teasing as well, also saying what he thinks at times, not caring if it's cold or whatever.

Hobbies: Playing musical instruments, drawing, traveling, and maybe others.


Character Picture:

Breed Mixture: Vampire and wolf.

Hair: Not the normal type of short hair, but black color short hair about by his ears.

Eyes: Same as his hair, but might change colors for reasons.

Skin Color: Not on the pale side or tan, just look at picture.

Height: Maybe around 5’8.

Weight: Unknown.

Markings: Hidden scars on his body.

Apparel/Style: Can be a bit picky on clothing, usual the type he likes is mainly black and does wear that color most of the time. Sweaters, shirts, pants and jackets, the normal things that some others wear. He doesn’t really like the bright stuff, only white he would wear sometimes. He does like to wear a school uniform as well, and hats also, as seen in picture.

Accessories: Doesn’t really wear any, but might have one or two.


Weapons: Knife blade- normal looking knife but is a special kind made just for him that can turn into a normal long sword and be use for battle, as well as with his element.

Fighting style: Isn’t much for close combat, so away or at least a bit away.

Battle Strengths: Athlete, and is pretty quick.

Battle Weaknesses: Blood, too much does bother him and he can’t just attack anyone for no reason.

Element: Fire.

Special Ability: Is able to see things that normally others can't see, such as spirits and ghosts, those kind of things. He can understand them, as well as speak to them.


Hometown: Real hometown is unknown; he just lives in Miyazaki City now.

Parents & Siblings:Older brother, unknown as for name and what happen to him. Foster father, same as brother.

Pets: None.

Not much of Atsuki past history is known here~ To start it off with; As a child, he was alone with his older brother and they had no one to help or even take care of them, nothing at all, as to if they had parents or not and what happen to them is unknown. His older brother ~name not told here~ has been the only one who always was there for him and support their living, getting food and things. Even though it was like everyday was a fight to live and had trouble with others, he still couldn’t complain knowing his older brother is going to a much other time than him.

So as time goes by, he's older than before, in his 7 years old, due to something that happen with Atsuki, the peoples had found out what they were for ~unknown~ reasons, well..they were betrayed more by the others and even was hurt by them, and also even took away to some unknown place. ~More later on~ A guy had found the two brothers and knew what had happen to them, he didn’t reject or hurt them, he took them in as if his own sons and raised them for a longer while. Atsuki and his brother were safe and seem to have a new start of life that was until sometime more has passed.

~Skipping a lot more of time~ Atsuki who used to be with his older brother and a guy who took care of them for a while, that has passed by and now he has been living alone for the past while and was told about this one place that might be better for him, though he was told that sometime ago and well, here he is now.
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Sashas ball attire



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