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 Abendroth, Addylyn

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PostSubject: Abendroth, Addylyn   Abendroth, Addylyn I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 8:47 pm

Vampires & Lycans

~Who are you~
Name: Addylyn Abendroth
Nick Names: Addy, Scarlet
Age: 19
Blood Type: O
Likes: Blood, books, soft music, warm things, cleanliness
Dislikes: Loud music, the cold, messes, being disturbed while reading, being disturbed while sleeping
Fears: Loosing everything she loves
Personality: Soft voiced, very shy once you meet her, Addy isn't very comfortable with most people upon first meetings. Given time she will become more open and you'll discover how sweet and kind she can truely be. Admittably, she will still be somewhat reclusive, not willing to share personal information with anyone until she feels she can trust them. While mostly docile, she can become very hostile when her blood levels drop. Though when this happens she tries to avoid human contact for a few days, relying on blood bags to try and quel the angered beast that can be her blood lust.
Hobbies: Reading, piano playing, singing
Habbits: Chewing on herself, chewing on jewelry (mosty necklaces, this mostly occours when she's nervous, and she doesn't notice unless you point it out to her)
Race: Vampire


Character Picture:
Abendroth, Addylyn 1fc16cf1
Hair color: Raven black
Eye Color: Blood red
Skin Color: Pale alabaster white
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130
Markings: She has her ears peirced and a tattoo of a koi fish runs the length of her back.
Apparel/Style: Addy is tend to more revealing clothes then normal, but nothing too risqué. Semi-short skirts, low cut shirts, things like that are to her taste, of course in red and black.
Acessories: The ring her father gave her before he was killed.


Weapon: Long sword (See character picture)
Element: Fire
Special Ability: Like her ancestors, Addy has the ability to 'speak' to fire. The speech, sounding more like hissing, is a very complex thing ot learn and she is still in the process of teaching herself how to master this. At this point in time, she can make some sense of what small and medium fires are saying and have them do as she wishes, but the bigger the fire the more she cannot understand it nor control it.


Hometown: Kimura Forest
Siblings: none
Pet: Addy's pet companion is a cat demon who calls herself Luana, she can speak but does not speak around strangers, only to Addy.
Midnight, the fall of winter, ten years ago, it was so cold. The darkness had made the outlines of the trees morph and made them appear twisted, their branches reaching out to grab you if you passed them by. But through the cold, through the darkness and snow, all a little girl knew was to run. Run away and never turn back.
Her long raven black hair flew behind her in the cold wind that blew her blood red irises focused ahead and spilling over with tears that stung her face. Her mind had gone blank, and in its sleepy state she did not notice her footing, and was caught on a rock to tumble face first into the ice cold powder. Only then could she feel her rapid heartbeat and the stinging sensation on her face from the tears. Only then did she know it was real.
Snow feel from her face as she slowly sat up, for a long time she just sat there and stared at her right hand. Sitting at the bottom of her index finger was a ring with a silver band and a bright blue sapphire set in the middle, the only thing that was left of her entire family. The little girl was the only one who had managed to escape before her house had been set to flames. By now the fire must have claimed its victims, and now, Addylyn Abendroth was all alone.
But that’s going too far, let us begin sometime back. Nine years earlier, in a small village in the middle of Kimura Forest, a young couple had finally gotten their first child, a beautiful girl they named Addylyn. Her hair was the color of raven’s feathers, and her eyes were the darkest of scarlet red. Born to vampires this was normal, any other parents and someone would say she was the child of a demon or something to that effect.
As the young girl aged she showed the same fire attributes that her father’s ancestors had, and they were blossoming but not at the rate she wanted them to. Her father then began to teach her everything he knew, but he told her that the process would take years for her to fully master her powers. The girl accepted, knowing her father would be a good teacher and that this would also teach her patience.
The years seemed to fly by, and it seemed like every passing day Addy became more and more in tune with her fire powers. But before she could continue her training, the people who accused their parents of killing their daughter had gathered a mob, and set their house a blaze. Addy’s father told her to run away, that she needed to live in order for their family to live on. He gave her his ring and focused her out the door, where she ran and didn’t look back.
Now once again we jump, ten years after the tragic accident where a woman stood at the site where a house once stood. Beside her sat a cat demon, which had been saved by the woman from poachers three years prior. The cat nudged the woman’s hand, and looked up to her with sky blue eyes.
Addy looked down to Luana and softly stroked the black fur along her neck.
“I’m fine, I just-.”
“I know, you miss them. They miss you too; I can feel it in the air around this place… It’s not your fault Addy, they were only protecting you. It’s alright to mourn but there comes a time when you have to let go and move on…”
The vampire looked at the barren land, her scarlet red eyes coming to tears. Before they had any chance to fall she dried them away with the back of her hand.
“You’re right… Let’s go home.”
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PostSubject: Re: Abendroth, Addylyn   Abendroth, Addylyn I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2012 2:09 am

Perfect! Aproved. Welcome to the site


Sashas ball attire



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Abendroth, Addylyn
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