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PostSubject: Rohas Mars Ultor   Rohas Mars Ultor I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 6:01 am

~Who are you~

Rohas Mars Ultor Demi_210

Name: Rohas Mars Ultor

Nicknames: The Golden Prince

Age: 19

Blood Type: A


Leader: Rohas is a adaptable and well respected leader. Able to make firm and adequate decisions, in the most overwhelming of situations, because of his level head. He keeps a calm and cool headed demeanor when he has to, to make sure his allies are safe. He keeps a powerful presence around him, when not goofing around. Because of his quick to observe nature Rohas is very hard to surprise or catch off guard. He analyzes thing rather quickly, being able to setup a whole battle plan with just one look at the field. He is a natural leader when it comes to battle.

Jokester: Although well respected , Rohas is quite the goof ball sometimes. He has a great sense of humor and is quite easy to make laugh, even in the midst of battle. He believes having a few laughs with his allies at battle is good, it relaxes you sometimes. Gives you a level head. In general he is a fun loving person. He tries to ease whatever tension is around him, believing a nice joke and smile go a long way.

Determination: Rohas has this uncanny motivation to simply achieve. He is remarkably determined to just be the best that he can be no matter what. He doesn’t exactly know what his goal is in life, but to him that’s what makes it all the better. He’s just going to keep going. He rather be remembered for his determination and hard work then being a genius. He is a extremely hard worker, and quite competitive. Rohas has grown to be quite dependable when it comes to anything, have it be paperwork to the most violent of situations. He tries his best at every single task given to him.

Loyalty: Rohas is an extremely loyal fellow, to his comrades, allies and guild. He is the type to put his life on the line to save another’s without even a second thought about it. He is a fair man, and expects nothing from his allies he wouldn’t give in return. He doesn’t like losing people in the midst of battle, and tries to focus on as less casualties as possible. But he knows the sacrifice everyone makes when in a fight.

Likes: The Gods, fun nights, adventure, sweets (especially chocolate), good fights, rain, warm weather, magic

Dislikes: Coldness, nagging, betrayal, boredom, bugs

Fears: Becoming King to soon and bugs

Habbits: Rohas has a strong habit of eating chocolate, throughout certain times of the day he craves a kind of candy bar, chocolate cake, anything that has some kind of chocolate in it. And now he just recently discovered chocolate syrup.

Hobbies: If Rohas is not sparring or honing his fighting skills, then he is reading about magic and if not that then watching it at work. He also has a hobby of going out on athletic runs, and he has a fast growing hobby of gambling. Also consuming large amunts of chocolate.


Character Picture:
Rohas Mars Ultor Demi_g10

Breed Mixture: Halfbreed: god/human also classified as "Demi-god"

Hair: Brown short and spiky

Eyes: A strong golden color

Skin Color: peach

Height: 6”2

Weight: 180

Markings: Tattoo on his back
Rohas Mars Ultor Tattoo11

Apparal/Style: Rohas coming from royalty wears some pretty expensive clothing, that are designed just for him and his comfort personally. He mostly wears his favorite colors gold, red, with a little white and black here and there. He usually wears a golden vest with a hood, with a gold shirt under and some golden hakama pants. With a long red belt tied in loops. Sometimes he will wear his golden gauntlets

Accesories: When going on travels, Rohas takes a bag with him that carries numerous things for travel.


Weapons: His Golden gauntlets seen in the picture above improve his ability of Aura Manipulation.

Fighting style: Strong and versatile

Battle Strengths: Rohas values speed and versatility over everything else, his special ability allows him to also use strong attacks.

Battle Weaknesses: Cold weather and ice.

Element: Earth and Wind.

Special Ability: Aura Manipulation- An aura surrounds nearly every living thing, be it a human, God, demon, devil, vapire, monster, or anything in general. Each person's aura is different from any other in color, shape, scent. Although in very rare cases, two auras are the same. Rohas is able to see these aura's of every being, being able to get a general picture of that person's character he is not able to tell the exact personality of someone but he knows acts of someone with a color. For example someone with a pure white aura, is usually very caring and good natured person.

Rohas has the unique ability to use his aura as a weapon under his complete control. It can be used in a vary of ways such as increasing his strength and speed. And also Rohas can materialize his aura into shapes such as weapons and shields. But the most unique trait of his ability is being able to use it control certain things. Such as one his of elements earth, if he was to pour some of his aura into the ground he can control it to a limited degree.


Hometown: Miyazaki City

Parents & Siblings: Father: Mars Ultor the previous god of the sky

Mother: Rhea Ultor Queen of Miyazaki

Pets: Jinx- A small little fairy about the size of Rohas's hand.



Rohas was born a "demi-god" from The God of the Sky Mars Ultor and Rhea The current Queen of Miyazaki. Rhea was born a only child from her parents, with a son not being born it was the first time a female has taken role as leader of Miyazaki. Rhea and Mars started to date without to much attention gathering, as they kept it really low and not even friends knew about this. But eventually the truth had to come out, as Rhea was pregnant with Rohas. Mars was happy, this would be his first child despite his long life. But he knew he wouldn't be there all the time.

Rohas was a energetic child, with a need to run around and get in trouble. Around four years of age Rohas would run around the castle naked having plenty of guards to chase him around. Rhea would keep Rohas in check but only when she was around, as she had duties of being a Queen. But Rohas's life was good Mars would visit every now and then and Rohas knew him as father but he didnt know he was a God well he couldnt really tell a difference yet. He knew his father had the biggest color that surrounded him which was gold, Rohas didnt know of his special ability so he just thought these aura's were colors that covered everybody he saw. He just thought it was natural.

Around when Rohas was eight years old, he noticed he wasnt seeing his father as much as he used to. It was a windy night, when Rohas was still awake awaiting for his father and he didn't come. Rhea came and stood beside him, while Rohas was sitting on the ledge of the window. "Dad is not...human is he?" Rohas asked looking at the forest. Rhea sighed. "No he isnt sweety, he is a god. And with that comes alot of duties like me being a Queen. But never forget how much he loves you." Rohas stayed quite for a while, taking in what his mother just said. "He had a really big golden color, it looked good around yours being white and all." Rohas said relaxing now and taking subtle breaths. Rhea looked confused she didnt know what Rohas was talking about.

"Colors? What are you talking about love?"

"You know dad and his golden color, your is white. Jeffory the butler is grey, the maid has a weird pink one, my friend Mako has a green one and even bugs have colors! Mom how could you not know about the colors!" Rohas said honestly convinced that she knew what he was talking about. Rhea looked shocked at first, and this would be the first thing she would have checked out in the morning. She patted his spiky brown head. "Of course sweety, come get some sleep now. We have alot to do tomorrow."

It was the next day and Rohas was getting a visit from a personal mage, who was checking Rohas's levels. After some other checks, physical tests rohas's ability had been classified. He had a form of human energy manipulation, called Aura it was quite unique. Every living thing had a aura, Rohas was able to see them and control his own. It was after this where Rohas went through alot of training physically and for his power. Till it was actaully controlled when he wanted to see the aura's of a person. He was able to use different forms of his aura, increasing his strength and speed creating weapons and defenses. At a young age he was becoming quite powerful, perhaps it was his demi-god status.

Rohas grew older never seeing his father again, it was heard long ago he is no longer considered a God. And thus his position has been taken over, and he has been lost since Rohas was a child. Rohas bares no true ill will towards his father, but he does hope to find him soon.
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Sashas ball attire



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