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 Spiral, Kamelot

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PostSubject: Spiral, Kamelot   Spiral, Kamelot I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 10:05 pm

Humans & Mutants

~Who are you~
Name: Kamelot Spiral
Nicknames: None. (N/A)
Age: 27
Blood Type: A

Personality: Kamelot is a being that is known to be human, though he doesn't appear human. He is human. Personally, he is a clueless character or he looks that way but he isn't. Known to be clever like a fox and have high tolerance for anything. There isn't anything that upsets him much. Whenever happy, it doesn't show through his face but from his actions much like everything else he feels. When there is a lot of people in the room, he has been known to show up without warning and give out his words. Skillful and talented. Kamelot will show you what you need to know.

Wise, Silent unless with someone else, Mysterious, Calm, Oftenly open about what is uncomfortable to him, Mature, Compassionate, Mature, Slightly in denial, Expressive, Emotional though doesn't look it, and everything in between. Kamelot is a character which is hard to read but really he is open like a book.

With others he will talk though his voice will be as light and as soft as it can be, though it does hold a smooth texture to it. He sounds younger than he looks is what I'm getting at. Is he childish? Sometimes. Can he be easily confused? Yes. Is he known to be loyal? Definately. Kamelot is a grown man that wants to let everyone in though he doesn't look it.

When angry will this change however, being known to be a dominate character with a whole lot of pride. Though he won't show if he is angry through his face he can show it through his actions.

Likes: Hard Candy, Training his body and mind, and Conversing with people.
Dislikes: Hot/ Spicy things, Reading (Can't read), and Being pushed around by others.
Fears: Death/ Blood, Not being useful anymore, and Demons (Doesn't trust them).
Habbits; Not expressing what he says through his features, Pretends to read though he can't, Staring at almost everything, and tends to get lost easily.
Hobbies: Training his body and mind everyday, Growing things such as crops, Hunting, Fishing, and practicing up on his usefulness. (Cooking, chores of all kinds, hard work much like a man does, trying his best to read though hates it, expressing his emotions on his face though has a hard time with it, and skills with his sword. )
Race: Human

Spiral, Kamelot Tensa-4

Hair: Short Raven colored hair, a bit shaggy with faint curls though looks straight.
Eyes: Blue Gray. Appears to have blue coloring with gray undertone. Kamelot is partly blind being that of 50/50. Meaning, he does see the figure of a person/ thing/ animal and never can he make up the color of the person. Being fairely color blind though only sees black and gray not white.

Skin Color: Pale/ Fair. Smooth skin tone.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 120 pounds
Markings: Unknown, though has a tribal tattoo on the center of his chest and the center of his back like this. The other tattoos are similar to this which are on both sides of his shoulders. (Second spoiler.)
This tattoo means 'Strength'.


Apparal/Style: Hooded Look.
Spiral, Kamelot Tensa-2

Kamelot Spiral always wears a hood on his face whenever he shows himself though he always takes it down when meeting someone. It is a custom of his to do so for it shows politeness and trust. Clothing that he does come to wear is a complete black colored outfit which completely hides his feet and it goes about the floor in a complete cover up. His clothes hug his body and the collar where his hood is attached is sort of white with a sharp kind of style to it. Kamelot can wear other kinds of clothes but this is his majority outfit you will see him in. Other types of clothes will be detailed and or described overtime.

Accesories: Kamelot has been known to wear rings and bracelets. Often does he wear chokers, he will wear accessories and such to occassions that are special or in the more terms custom to his own kind being that of human. Though he maybe human he has totally different customs. Other than rings, chokers, and bracelets that is about all that he will wear.

Weapons: Rapier. (Sword.) Which has been known to break anything whenever Kamelot uses it.
Not much is known about his sword though it is black and Kamelot claims that he made it out of a meteorite. 'Space rock' is what he calls it.

Fighting style: 'Spiral', this is his own custom made fighting style which he is using his last name. This style is a fushion of his sword and feet. Slice once and kick twice sort of style.

When he uses this style of fighting of course does he stand straight before launching forward. Though he is partly blind he can find his way around very well as if he wasn't blind. Simply he uses his other senses to get him around.

Battle Strengths: His senses, sword, Increased stamina, speed, being flexible, and using his cleverness.
Battle Weaknesses: Different climates to mess with his speed, being in a completely quiet yet dark area, having someone outwit him, and using his poor eyesight to their advantage. (Using smoke bombs, or leading him in a cave, etc. )

Special Ability: 'Veil' Kamelots Spiral's special ability. This ability is as it seems being that of enclosing unseen matter though it appears just like water. This power completely engulfs Kamelot and when he uses it for a attack all he has to do is cut it in half with his sword or smack it with his hand. The trapped matter would then expand and disburst much like that of daggers.

This power is a one time use for offense though for defense he oftenly uses this when he falls and such to decrease the damage when hitting the ground. Never would he use this unless completely threatened and funny enough it cleans his skin and such continuing to make him look healthy looking.

Hometown: (New) Miyazaki City. (Use to be.) Unknown
Parents & Siblings: Kamelot's family are all deceased, meaning he has no one to depend on and that he is the only one left in the family.
Pets: Water Humanoid Feline known as Sephira. She can talk and understands just about every language. Sephira calls Kamelot by this cute little name. "Meme~" Her height is 5'0 and her weight being 80 pounds.

Sometime ago way before Kamelot ever came here he use to live outside being more of a outsider than anything else. Kamelot's family lived in a tribal conservative kind of camp ground type home location. Everyone's customs were different in this place. They were never the same and so Kamelot was raised to believe this when he was born. His family were all human and in total their was over 300+ family members. Life was good as Kamelot began to grow up to being about the age of a teenager. Along the way of growing up though however did his large family die out due to a illness that was all to dangerous as well as fatal. This illness seemed like a horrible cold but within 3 days you die without much warning or change in your health. When this illness hit, it was during the night time and before everyone in his family knew it they all were infected.

Kamelot however was spared cause during that night time, did he follow Sephira who whined and wanted him to come play which he did went to play with her. When he returned to his home location did he find out that everyone was sick and dying which he didn't understand. Sephira of course went with him everywhere for he found her when she was alone and close to death. Nursing her back to health did she want to be with him always and give him love and such much like that of a normal pet though she talked. Kamelot was left alone within three days for the illness claimed his family. Being saddened and alone at the age of 15 did he sit by his house hugging his knees not knowing what to do. Sephira sat with him and she didn't know what to do to make him feel better for his face was buried in his arms and he was shaking which was his way of crying. Sephira softly patted his arm and told him that they need to move on for if he gets infected then their would be no one left to continue out their wishes. Within a hour of comforting and very powering words did she get him to move and actually agree to moving which she 'Mewed' and happily clung to his waist. As the days became years did Kamelot's height and weight change as well as his personality not that Sephira cared much for she clung to his arm and happily talked to him keeping him company.

"Meme?~" asked Sephira looking up to him. "What is it?" answered Kamelot looking down to her. Sephira made a cat face and happily purred. "Are we going to stay together forever?~" Kamelot looked upward without much emotion but he did say in response. "Yes, I would like that." Sephira blushed faintly but giggled and placed her cheek to his arm making Kamelot look to her. "We are near to our new home." Sephira poked her head up and looked around. "Really!~ Where?~" Kamelot pointed to Miyazaki City making Sephira gasp in 'Ah'. "There."

12 years have passed by being now 27 and Sephira being 13 did they agree to make their home here. With their belongings with them they have decided to call this place, home.

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Sashas ball attire



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Spiral, Kamelot
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