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 Chances of a life time (Open)

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PostSubject: Re: Chances of a life time (Open)   Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:13 am

Gintoki raised his hands and shrugged after hearing Scarlett thinking that he was the one leading the way "I was only walking away from that alleyway before~ I don't like small and dirty places~ You can take the lead now~ I have no clue where we're going~" Gin lowered his hands and placed himself behind Scarlett letting her take the lead and him just follow.

"Neh, Gin, what do you plan to do after this mission is over?"

Gintoki hummed to himself thinking exactly on how to reply to that question, normally he would just say going back to his average life but with the new circumstances he's in. Gin just might be able to change his life a little "Well~ You are going to be my servant after we finish this mission right?~ If you come with me I can easily make you live rich & wealthy lifestyle~ Or I could go the other way and do other missions with you to keep myself entertained~ but all in all I can leave that decision to you~ Or would you just go with plan C and leave me again?~ I would be surprised even if you had a plan Z~"
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PostSubject: Re: Chances of a life time (Open)   Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:42 am

Left with no choice, Scarlett decided to take the lead while Gintoki answered her question. Now that she thought of it, she still had that deal with him about being his servant or something. Although was he even serious when he said that?

Scarlett paused upon hearing he was leaving her the decision on what to do. It was then that she realized he was very indecisive, and probably a boring person to date as well. "Hmm. You know, for once, I might decide to go with plan A, the 'coming with you' plan. But only if you take me to your house. It's getting boring outside, don't you think?" she smiled. "After all, as your servant, I should at least know more about my master."

The last part wasn't entirely necessary, but she felt like she just had to add that sentence. Scarlett yawned slightly and rubbed her eye as she looked around the series of abandoned warehouses. "I have a strong feeling he's somewhere here. Okaaay~ Let's split up. Bye." she waved her hand as she went ahead, enthusiastic to finish this mission as soon as possible.


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Chances of a life time (Open)
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