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PostSubject: Hollow (Incubus/ Demon)   Hollow (Incubus/ Demon) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 3:13 am

Demons & Angels

~Who are you~
Name: Hollow
Nicknames: Drake
Age: 20/ 400
Blood Type: AB-
Likes: Hollow's likes will never be clear though he does like these:

Sparring, Eating meat type meals, Being Lazy (Is one known to place feet up on tables.), Being himself (Acting tough, bipolar, and acting sometimes on his own).

Dislikes: Hollow has a lot of dislikes though these are his most hated:

Eating meals with no taste in it (This includes tofu and certain veggies), Happy moments (Between others), Being hated for who he is, Betrayal.

Fears: Hollow really doesn't show much fear to anything but if he had any it would be to be betrayed again/ hurt again. More may make themselves known.

Personality: Hollow is a full grown male who is faintly if not slightly more than being average bipolar. Example: Feeling joy he will feel rage, feeling rage he will feel joy. This doesn't mean that he doesn't have any other emotions. Hollow has all of his emotions and some times he doesn't want to show them all that much. Acting like a tough guy almost all the time and being a bit dark natured with a hint of mysterious aura. Hollow likes to not show that he cares though some times he may let it slip and actually show that he cares. Being a incubus, Hollow would be flirting with everyone he sees. Since his experiences and everything else he doesn't show much interest in flirting with everyone. Hollow is a individual who has a accent from when he was in England, and being that of a demon he can be a bit evil though that varies on what he will feel since he is bipolar. Known to act normal some times, Hollow may appear normal but when he starts showing different emotions and keeps showing them then his bipolar action will make itself known and change that emotion entirely.

If needed he will be serious and mature as well as being able to be threatening, if needed he will defend himself and this is the only thing really that doesn't mess with his personality of being bipolar.

Habbits: Hollow tends to be a bit distant (Though that changes when he talks to others sometimes), Letting his temper flare up sometimes (Rarely happens), Acting tough no matter the situation making some other believe that he is cocky and or smug. Tends to be to lazy, and sometimes ignores others.
Hobbies: Hollow likes to take care of himself outdoors as well as indoors, Sparring, Teasing/ Tormenting others, Traveling, and being himself for that in itself is a hobbie.

Character Picture: Hollow (Incubus/ Demon) 12
Hair: Complete raven black. Semi long/ short. It is styled and very well taken care of.
Eyes: Crimson red. Has been known to glow red in the dark or in pitch black areas.
Skin Color: Perfect skin tone being that of a fair/ smooth color. Has a bit of a tinge to his skin which makes it looks like he has a tan which he doesn't. Mixture with a tinge tan added in with a fairness and slight pale tone.
Height: 6'5
Weight: 179 pounds
Markings: Black 'V' tattoo on the half portion of his tongue.


All this is made out of leather and is snug to his body. Hollow has a waist leather tail which is shredded which goes along with his gothic appeal. Hollow is a Incubus that is completely gothic. Has a silk scarf choker with a ring attached, some believe that it is a engagement ring.

Accessories: As you see in the picture you can determine if he wears anything like accessories which clearly he does. If it is black or has silver in it he will wear it.
Wing Type: Normal black wings that have holes in them. Hollow chooses not to use his wings or show them.

Main weapon: Steel Black/ red Gauntlets
Element: Darkness
Special Ability: 'Chaos Waves', these waves come from his hands as well as his feet. Choosing to make a interesting entrance then he will use this ability. If he wants to try and defeat the enemy quickly then he will use it. Though if he uses it, it will only be able to last for a short time being like that of a small amount boost from both his hands and feet. After using them the first time he will not be able to use it again until a later on time.

What god, goddess, or devil do you serve under: Ookami
How did you get to heaven or Hell:

Long Ago (400 years ago) in a distant country far from this area known as England lived a young man with raven hair down to his shoulders with onyx colored eyes, things were good for this man for he had a girlfriend and a nice paying job. Use to be human he had no care in the world for all he wanted to do was do the right thing. After he went to work on the morning shift did he go to a fine class university and had come to get all the knowledge that he needed. Things were looking upward for this man. Paying off his bills and taking it easy with friends as well as going on dates with his girlfriend. Everything was perfect or appeared that way. Upon walking home one night did he find his apartment door unlocked which made him blink confused. The only one that had a key to his apartment was his girlfriend. Walking into his apartment and up to his room did he find such a heart breaking sight. His girlfriend laid in a bed with one of his closest friends from college. Everything stopped for him as he just stood there and stared. His girlfriend tried to explain as well as his friend but all that he could hear was nothing.

Exiting the room with his head down low did he ran into his kitchen and grabbed a bottle of alcohol, this is where his perfect time ended. His girlfriend followed him and begged him not to drink as well as leave her. He was all that she had, and his friend seemed completely distressed with the situation and actually began pleading as well. This young man sipped the bottle of alcohol and after that sip did he feel it get taken away and looking to his friend he glared and demanded to have it back. His friend shook his head and did not return the bottle. The young mans girlfriend was crying and actually tried to explain that it was a accident and that it won't happen again. Doubting his girlfriends words he took a hold of his head and sat down on the couch with his face buried into his hands shivering. This man was about to propose to the love of his life and he was also about to ask his friend to be his best man only to find out that they were doing things behind his back. Sorrow filled the room as silence fell over the three of them. 2 hours of silence passed by before his friend became enraged and told the man to get over it, and that they didn't get that far into their little love session. The man shook his head and screamed almost as if he was being strangled which worried the both of them. This young mans name was Drake, known to be a hard worker Drake didn't have to worry about anything but at this moment he was feeling a whole lot of thing. Betrayal, Heart break, and depression. All that he wanted to do was take it all away. Standing up he stormed out the door but turned to both the love of his life and his best friend. "I QUIT LIFE! I QUIT YOU TWO!" Upon screaming this he slammed the door making both his girlfriend gasp and began to cry and his friend to look down completely destroyed.

Driving to a bar, Drake entered it and ordered quite a lot of alcohol and as he drank he got rid of his feelings but for only so long. Before to long he had lost all knowledge of anything and due to him being drunk killed his girlfriend for she followed him there to the bar. Before anyone called the police and not being able to drive due to him being drunk he attempted to walk home and as he walked home he felt sick and stopped near a alleyway where thugs targetted him and attacked him in a full on ambush. Rain fell from the sky as soon as the last attacks were thrown. Laying in the alleyway, there laid Drake completely damaged from head to toe with his wallet gone as well as his car keys. Waking up and holding his shoulders he was still sore from the attack and had little idea to where he had left his car and forgetting that his keys were stolen attempted to find his transportation. Upon walking on the side of the road in the rain did he feel pain shoot through him when lights hit his eyes causing him to collapse down a ditch and fall to his death due to a sharp pointed rock to peirce through the back of his head and kill him instantly. This happened sometime ago, Hollow doesn't remember when this happened anymore and just has come to guess when this happened.

Upon waking up, Drake felt fine and waking up here in some kind of alternate world of sorts did he look around but seeing he was in a different outfit wearing a full on snug as well as tight to him outfit with a corset and everything else in a gothic fashion sense sent Drake in pure on confusion. After sometime did he notice that he was in hell and was turned into a demon. Ironically enough, he was changed into a incubus and due to his head being peirced in the back he has come to be bipolar.
Since then Drake changed his name to Hollow for he was completely empty from the inside though did not appear as if he was empty. Upon this time did Hollow began serving under Ookami though has been known to be a little rebellious though only does it with others of his kind.

(I want to change my other character Haji into Hollow and so you can get rid of my other character template with Haji. Please and thank you! ^^)
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PostSubject: Re: Hollow (Incubus/ Demon)   Hollow (Incubus/ Demon) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 9:26 am

Approved. Very Happy


Sashas ball attire



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