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 Valentine, Scarlett

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PostSubject: Valentine, Scarlett   Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:38 pm

Mages & Wizards

~Who are you~

Name: Scarlett Lucifen Valentine
Nicknames: Black Rose
Age: 18, real age unknown.
Blood Type: AB

Scarlett isn’t exactly a kind soul, though she can be both friendly and almost mild if she feels like it. Her most characteristic feature is her free-spirited and outgoing behaviour. She only rarely gets angry and can be considered laid-back - almost a happy-go-lucky to some extent. That said she isn’t childish and immature, and is often seen holding brilliant conversations.

However, Scarlett doesn’t hesitate to kill someone if she deems him guilty and worth the judgment. She rarely gets serious, but when she does, it’s one heck of a hellride – earning her the title of the Black Rose – a delicate being capable of mass destruction. She is one who dislikes fighting and would avoid one as much as possible, unless forced under circumstances.

Likes: Sweets, strategic board games, humour, roses
Dislikes: Emo or cold people, bugs and creepy crawlies, kids, arrogance and show offs
Fears: Bugs bugs bugs and, bugs. Lightning and thunder (excluding her own magic)
Habbits: Looking at the sky, biting her lower lip when lying, scratching her cheek, playing with a lighter.
Hobbies: Playing the piano, rollerblading, reading manga and anime, surfing the internet, practicing her magic

Character Picture:
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Left: Azure Blue. Right: Blood Red
Skin Color: Fair
Height: 5’3
Weight: 99lbs.
An insignia at the back of her neck that serves as a magic limiter.
Apparal/Style: Mostly sleeveless tops, and mini shorts. Boots and scarves are also her faves.
Accessories: Scarlett wears an eyepatch over her right eye to hide the fact that she has heterochromia and avoid letting people know she is a wizard.


Tempesters - are rare kinds of weapons with the ability to be induced with magic for different kinds of techniques. They can infuse themselves with other tempesters to enable the use of weapon shifts. Currently, Scarlett has 2 of these:
1. Blade Tempester – the default form of Scarlet’s weapon. It appears to be a long thin sword resembling a katana, but has a straight blade up to the tip. It is light and swift, but can be weak against stronger swords. It can be seen carried on the back of her waist.
2. Seize Tempest – the second form of Scarlett’s weapon is a normal recurved bow made of diamond but designed to be light. It is her favoured weapon as she is more accustomed to firing arrows than close range combat. The bow can be infused with magic to create arrows out of the user’s element. However, Scarlett still carries a quiver of wooden arrows behind her.

Fighting style: Scarlett tends to hold back often, using only her weapons at the start and won’t use her bare magic unless forced to do so. She prefers long range combat than short.
Her magic focuses on conjuring dark spells aimed to obliterate multiple enemies in a large scale, thus the reason she prefers using her weapons in battle.

Battle Strengths:
- Superior energy pool and stamina
- Speed and Agility
- The ability to react and think fast

Battle Weaknesses:
- Light element
- Her physical strength is weak, thus can be overwhelmed by people focusing on strength
- Unable to control her magic well, resulting to self harm or failed attempt at times.
- Her fear of bugs,will affect her greatly
- Lastly, if you manage to take her weapon from her, and she is not in a life and death situation, she’d prefer to admit defeat and surrender than use her raw magic.

Element/Magic: Lost Magic (Mostly Dark)


Hometown: Yamasaki Mountain
Parents & Siblings: none.
Pets: none.

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PostSubject: Re: Valentine, Scarlett   Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:15 am



Sashas ball attire



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Valentine, Scarlett
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